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When Sweet + Fun = Sophisca

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Have you ever seen those viral videos or photos of cheeky-looking candies and chocolates and wonder where they were from? Or maybe those naughty ones for Halloween’s trick-or-treat, stag or hen’s night? Well, they are from Sophisca!

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They used to be available exclusively at Changi Airport Terminal 3, but now, Sophisca Singapore can also be found right in the heart of Singapore at ION Orchard!

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Sophisca originated in Taiwan and they have been around since 1997. So that means they are 18 years old this year! To remain in the competitive confectionery market, Sophisca has its very own exclusive research & development team and manufacturing plant in Taiwan. With so many brands out there (i.e. Candylicious, Candy Empire, etc.), how does Sophisca stand out and who should frequent this store?

1. For the (Not So) Subtle Guys

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Guys, seriously, DON’T EVER profess your love via SMS or whatsapp (or Line or Wechat or Facebook or Twitter or whichever social media apps!). Instead, try piecing your messages by using this creative wall of chocolate messages!

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With loads of unique messages, you can use it to ask a girl (or guy) to be your bgf, or use it as a sweet monthiversary message present, or even use it to cheer up your friends who are studying! There are so many cute and fun messages for you to choose and customize your message!

2. Cheeky Candies for Trick-Or-Treat

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Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever. But here in Sophisca, the candies are quite R-rated! You can find delicious (edible) condoms, Sanitary Pads in Sophie Chocolate or Marshmallow, to trick your friends into believing that they are real!

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Candy breast and penis are perhaps fun and harmless tricks for the bridesmaid to prank on the groom and his bestmen on the wedding day! With all these quirky candies, there’s a whole lot of ideas for you to play around with!

3. Fun Candies for Besties

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If you find those mentioned above too naughty (or crude) for your liking, why not go for the flavoured (mint or chocolate) band-aids and tasty giant mahjong tiles for the mahjong addicts?

Sophisca Singapore candies

Or perhaps provide this novel and sweet love and study “amulet” for your friends of ALL religions! Give it to them and say “See, so sweet of me right?”

Sophisca Singapore 2

If your colleagues are getting too stressed out with their boss or their work, offer them some lovely Stephen Chow “medicated oil”.

Sophisca Singapore instagram

It was really #sweetnessoverload when I attended the event. There was really no boundaries to what I could find there. Besides the creative products, there are also DIY custom candy bouquets, shape crafted candy, cotton candy, lollipops, chocolates, health nuts.

4. Jaw-Dropping Variety of Sweets For the Sweet-Tooths

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All I really need is Love, but a little candy now and then doesn’t hurt. Sophisca claimed boldly that “Choco is Better than Sex”. Well, I won’t comment on that, but you know, that’s definitely a good alternative. With so many variety of candies in their adorable packaging, you just want to instagram them all!

Sophisca Singapore 5

So what are you waiting for? Go visit the store, explore and bring home all your favourites now!

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Well, you can see I had loads of the pretty candies on hand (Received with courtesy from Sophisca!) and I will be sharing the sweetness (it’s too diabetic if I were to have them all for myself!) with all of you!

Check out my Facebook Page and my Instagram for #TiffanyYongSophiscaGiveaway soon!

Sophisca Singapore is at:
Changi Airport Terminal 3, Public Area #B2-19 | Tel: 6543 9113
Ion Orchard #B4-07 | Tel: 6636 9490

Instagram: sophiscasg | Facebook: Sophisca Singapore

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