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It’s the season of love, and love is not just about buying flowers and chocolates for your loved ones, but also to love yourself by dressing up and having fun with fashion!

Be it going on a picnic date with your man, or enjoying the companionship of your girlfriends over a drink, you will definitely want to look effortlessly fashionable as you head out to make the best of the day.



Forgo floral prints this Valentine’s day yet still bring out the girly-girl in you by pairing a simple top with a cute tulle skirt. This will give your dress sense a little oomph but yet not over-the-top. You never know if you will be receiving flowers and you probably wouldn’t want to look like your bouquet of flowers 😛

On Tiffany (left)
Top: taobao.com
Skirt: mdscollections.com
On Juliana (right)
Top: agneselle.com
Skirt: Annica
Necklace: totallyjewel.com

Don’t be afraid to wear whites, as it brings a classy lady vibe to any ensemble. And with multiple hair colors to rock, nudes and neutrals are perfect without looking overwhelming (on you or for your date.)

On Alice
Top: agneselle.com
Skirt: hervelvetvest.com
Necklace: Pure Origin Healthcare Pte Ltd

Got a busy day ahead? Get a fuss-free look with a midi dress that exudes the right kind of sexy and looks effortlessly chic too.

Be ready in a jiffy! Yay! This also means more time creating picturesque memories with the people that matters.

On Jody
Dress: intoxiquette.com

Have a lovely Valentine’s day! x














Models – Alice, Jody, Juliana, Tiffany

Photographer – Yong Thye of simvideo.com.my

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