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That’s right!

As mentioned in our introductory post, a Honeyz Cube Polymath is a girl that constantly strives to become an all-rounded fashion and beauty goddess in her own right.

So how can she forget a set of well-groomed and polished nails? In fact, your choice of nail style is the perfect representation of your disposition and mood.

I’ve a few nail ideas to help you add a dash of panache to those beautiful fingers of yours so click now!


Shed the traditional!

Forget traditional french manicure. Try this spunky bold-colored polka dot french nails and set a new trend!



Or add Japan’s most popular feline to the tip of the nails to create French ‘Hello Kitty’ nails!


Go mysterious

Black polish are no longer reserved for gothic people only. It’s been ubiquitous on fashion runways for the last few seasons so go dark and mysterious with black polish and gold studs.



One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

Well, you’ve heard Shakespeare, experience nature by painting it on your nails!

Nail Indulgence de beau review




In the mood for pink?

nails review 4

nails review 6

Feeling nail-venturous? Pep up your pink nails with fun adornments like pearls and gold stones!

Nail Indulgence De beau Nail Art


Macarons and pink nails go so well together sometimes!




Bring a whole new meaning to ‘Animal Print’ with this hot pink flamingo manicure!



From October onwards, we’ll be welcoming a slew of festivals such as Halloween, Christmas, Lunar New Year, etc. Here are some festive nail art designs to celebrate the holidays in ‘Polymath style’!






ubeau nails



Chinese New Year!

Say ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ with these intricate yet classy LNY-inspired nails!






Then welcome the month of love with rose colors and heart motifs.



Had enough of pink? Try mint and pearls instead for the most romantic day of the year or even your wedding!

Gelish Nails Review 47

Of course feel free to go au naturel too!

Master the art of sprezzatura by leaving your nails unadorned but clean and polished. This leaves the impression that you are confident and less focused about your appearance.

Now let those around you worship your style and wisdom!


All nail designs in this post are proudly created by Nail Indulgence De Beau.
Quote ‘Honeyz‘ at Nail Indulgence De Beau (uBeau) to enjoy a gelish nail manicure and free soak off at $29 only! (Priced at $60 originally.)

Nail Indulgence De Beau $29

Nail Indulgence De Beau (uBeau) is located at No. 1 Liang Seah Street, #02-14. (Opposite Bugis Junction)

You may call them at +65 6333 1687 for an appointment. (Remember to quote ‘Honeyz’!)

So what do you think of the designs? Do you have a head-turning nail art idea too? Show us by commenting below or on our Facebook at fb.com/honeyzcube!


Your friend,

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