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As we usher in the new lunar year in a few days’ time, this is one of the rare chances for ladies to splurge on new clothes *guilt-free*, and soak in the festive mood of collecting angbaos and gnawing down delicious festive snacks. This is also the time where it’s totally fine to show off your #OOTD photos (or #OOTCNY) for this coming lunar new year) arm in arm with your families and friends.



Does this mean that your shopping loots have to be full of reds? Not really. Ditch the whole “all red for the lunar new year” since CNY this year falls on weekdays, don on something more work-appropriate to head for the reunion dinner straight after work so you wouldn’t miss any angbaos coming your way! 😛



Here are some tips to get yourself dressed for #OOTCNY:

Play with textures. Texture is a subtle version of prints, and the right texture can help make you look posh and work-appropriate.


Less is more. By getting yourself covered appropriately, it is a form of respect to yourself and others around you, especially at family gatherings and other social events. Here’s a fashion rule of thumb – if you’re wearing something long at the bottom, a little extra skin on top is fine. Vice versa, if the weather gets a little hot and you wish to put on a pair of shorts or a skirt, cover little more at the top and you won’t be victim to a fashion disaster.




If all else fails, seek advice from your mother! Your mother would be the best person to get fashion tips from, because she was young once, just like you, and probably more fashionable than you know it! I literally took a piece of fashion from my mum, who have kept her high-waisted long pants from her 20s, and it is still in perfect condition. Old sure is gold!



Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy Chinese New Year!


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