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We’ve given you the platform to share and receive beauty insights and now we’re uniting ladies with a penchant for beauty and all things fabulous to give you The Honeyz Cube Blog.

Our writers, also known as Honeyz Cube’s Belles, are here to help you develop a sharp eye for the latest trends. With their varied and colorful personalities, you’re sure to get more than one view on each hot topic. See who you click with the most!


Liberation has resulted in a new generation of capable women who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and pursue their loves in an open and new fashion way.

As we usher in the new decade, we also welcome this new era of women who possess a significant puchasing power and who constitute 80% of the global consumer market. Gone are the days women were deemed dependent and vulnerable. Today, they embrace their charm and inner beauty with confidence and vigor.

Honeyz is THE woman of this new era. She represents all of us. She takes good care of her physical and emotional well being and travels widely.

Most importantly, she makes well informed decisions when it comes to her biggest loves – Beauty, Fashion and Travel.

So collectively, our contributors are known as Honeyz Belles.


Because a belle is a woman who’s admired for her beauty and charm.

Jointly, a ‘Honeyz Belle’ is a confident and intelligent woman of the 21st century who’s not afraid to express her desires, show off her charm and become the belle of every ball.



The Honeyz Girl



That’s not all. We classified our belles into three categories, namely the The Polymath, The Artist and The Purist.

Well, don’t think of the category names in the literal sense. We thought it would be interesting to liken our interests in beauty to the talents of the original Italian Renaissance polymath – Leonardo Da Vinci. 😛

Alright, so this is what each category means in the Honeyz Cube lexicon:

The Polymath – She has expertise in many different areas including skincare, makeup and fashion. She’s constantly striving to become the all-rounded fashion and beauty maven.

The Artist – The face is her canvas. She expresses her artistic flair though her brushes and palettes. Needless to say, she’s our makeup aficionado.

The Purist – The skincare connoisseur seeks for pure, clean and clear skin. She is determined to refine and sculpt the complexion to perfection.

Which belle do you most identify with?

At the Honeyz Cube Blog, these three categories of Honeyz Belles are represented by me (Juliana), Rusty and Tiffany respectively. You can find out more about us here.

Each week, we’ll come up with different tips and tricks on how you can stay on trend – Three Belles, Three Styles, Three Voices. Take your pick!


We believe each and everyone of you is a Honeyz Belle too.

Always wanted to share your fashion-forward styles or chic makeup looks with a like-minded, beauty-conscious audience? We could help you with that!

Contribute content to The Honeyz Cube Blog by sending your suggestions or articles to info@honeyzcube.com.

If we find your write up beneficial to our readers, we’ll publish and promote it to our members and social media followers!

Let us complement and support your beauty-seeking journey!


Your friend,

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Juliana C Stryker - The Polymath
Founder of HoneyzCube.com & Lifestyle Consultant at ILoveBunny.net

Play with contrast, experiment pattern on pattern or add a sassy punch with an explosion of colors – Juliana is all about bringing a new perspective to your look and wardrobe.

Touted as one of Singapore’s top ten beauty bloggers of 2012, 2013 and 2015 by omy.sg, you can be sure that Juliana’s radar for the latest trends in fashion and beauty is always full on.

Let her pick out your style du jour and go from wake up to make up EFFORTLESSLY!

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