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Triumph Singapore #StandUpForFit Pop-Up Store

When we talk about “Finding the one”, everyone will think of a Mr or Ms Right. But I remember this quote: You have to find yourself before someone else can find you. Love yourself before you can be loved, believe in your future to be a pat of someone’s future.
triumphsg bloggersSo here in Triumph, they hope all the ladies will be able to find their perfect fit. Lingerie is ladies’ most intimate clothing. Although they are often hidden beneath our clothings, they have the ability to make us feel confident and happier!

Triumph stand Up for fit 2Triumph launched this “Stand Up For Fit” campaign and aim to fit one million women in Asia to help each of them find the perfect fitting bra.

I saw the pop-up store before the event and love the Disney like magical animation to educate and encourage all women to find the correct type of lingerie. During the event, we were surprised by the animation which suddenly came into life!

Triumph stand Up for fit 1According to Cindy from Triumph Singapore, the animation was modelled and designed after a real life model. Not sure if these models are the ones, but they definitely resemble the animated characters.

Triumph stand find the one 5Rather than introducing all the different type of lingerie one by one, this campaign encourages all ladies to find the one they are most comfortable with. There’s the magic wire where you can get your cleavage with the “no wire” sensation, the T-shirt bra, the maximising ones or even the lacey ones.

Triumph stand find the one 3There’s a suitable one for different occasion, different one for different purposes. Not many people know, that a well-fitting bra will actually give the wearer a better shape and might even look slimmer.

7 Triumph Steps to Finding The Perfect Fit:

Triumph stand Up for fit 3(1) Underband needs to be comfortable yet firm (No digging in or red marks).
(2) Back of the bra should be in line with the front (Fasten on the loosest hook when your bra is new).
(3) Cups should not come too high under the arms.

TriumphSG Find The one(4) Breasts should fit neatly into the bra’s cups (No overspill or wrinkling).
(5) Wire should lie flat against your body (No poking).
(6) Bra centre front panel should sit flat against your body.
(7) Breasts should be supported in their natural position, usually half-way between shoulder and elbow.

Triumph stand find the one 2Both Juliana and me got ourselves measured and fitted by the professionals. It is important to know our shapes so that we can wear clothes most suitable for our body shapes. Our measurements are then keyed into an application where we can find out our body shape. There are 5 types of body shapes: Y, S, I, O, A.

Triumph stand find the one 4Y shape: For those with a wider shoulders and smaller hips.
S shape: For the hourglass figure
I shape: For those with a straight figure
O shape: For those who are more voluptuous
A shape: For those with a smaller top frame and a wider hips area

Triumph Singapore HoneyzcubeFor this campaign, we were to bring an old lingerie to trade in for a new Body Make-Up Jacquard bra at $20 and matching panty at $10!

Triumph Singapore TiffanyWith so many types of lingerie to choose from, it was a tough choice for both me and Juliana to pick our favourite!

Triumph stand find the oneIf you’ve missed the Pop-up store, you can also visit any of the Triumph boutique stores to get fitted. There will be many ongoing promotion for each of you!

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