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Few weeks ago, Honeyzcube organized our very first Health Couture event: How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks! Hosted by our belles, Juliana and Tiffany, the event was held at Recognize Studio in Orchard Central.




For this first instalment of our health couture series, we’ve invited senior family physician, Dr. Bobby Stryker, to give us a talk on losing weight the healthy way by infusing low-carbohydrates diet into their lifestyle.



In light of the recent medical researches debunking the myths of low-carb diets, we have taken this opportunity to educate more people about the topic through this event.




The studio was kindly sponsored by Zesty Kickz, along with a 1-hour Zumba class which was graced by 40 participants. Dancing to several zestful tunes, everyone sweated it out feeling energized and upbeat.






Not surprisingly, the drinks sponsored by Infuusa were well-received and favored by all, for its zero-calorie sweetness that was thirst-quenching and packed with healthy goodness.




Here’s a quick video of the main highlights of our health couture event as well as testimonials from our lovely guests!


Do look forward to our next health couture workshop as there will be more coming up in the future, as we bring you juicy tips and tricks to a healthier and better you!


Special thanks to:

 A Square Visual Studio for your wonderful photos!

Zesty Kickz for providing the venue and yoga class!

Infuusa for your refreshing beverages. Yum!



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