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Crème Simon Arrives in Singapore


It’s been such a long time since we’ve met each other. While Juliana has been busy preparing her wedding, Rusty busy with her Singapore Blog Awards 2014, I’ve been busy acting on screen and misguiding our future generation by teaching them Speech and Drama! Thanks to Crème Simon, both Juliana and I finally have the excuse to meet up, together with Miss Singapore, Jody too!


The weather was really humid and I was perspiring half-way through the little introduction tour, and my make-up (or whatever’s left) felt heavy and oily. The guide smiled when I apologised for my “unglamourous” appearance, and introduced to me Crème Simon’s Climate Customized Innovation, specially made for Singapore’s humid climate (Talk about coincidence!).


According to her, Crème Simon skincare is actually tailored to the unique climate conditions, thus all the product are labelled with its respective symbols depicting which climate it has been formulated for. Wholly-made in France, using the latest expertise, quality and product, the new range offers lightweight textures that feel matte upon application without the use of occlusive silicones, specifically formulated for hot summers and climates.


More photos from the media launch!




The “Once Upon A Time” Story Behind Crème Simon

Once upon a time, there was a gifted young apothecary (chemist/pharmacist) named Joseph Simon. He loved taking long walks along the River Rhone. Seeing the laundresses working by the great river with their dry, chapped hands, Joseph Simon was inspired to seek a natural remedy as he believe that skin’s needs are defined by where one live.

He revolutionized skincare in the late 19th century, and created the first stable beauty cream. Its long shelf life was made possible by his breakthrough discovery: a natural plant-based formula, to which he added a pure concoction of seven carefully selected flowers and plants with incredible healing properties.

This simple yet powerful alchemy of natural botanical extracts was kept a secret for over 150 years. The Activ-Fleur Complex consist of pure active plant extracts from Damask Rose, Neroli, Iris, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bourbon, Jasmine and Patchouli.

New Range of Crème Simon products for Singapore Climate

This new collection consist of the iconic Crème Universelle, the Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50 and the Brightening Detox Range (4 cleansers, 3 moisturisers and 3 treatments)

*Crème Simon skincare products are non-comedogenic, contain over 90% natural ingredients and are free of parabens, silicones, alcohol, sulphates, colourings or phenoxyethanol.


Where to Find Crème Simon Beauté Boutique

Knightsbridge:: 25-28th July 2014
100AM: 31 July – 1 August 2014
Change Alley: 4-8 August 2014
Century Square: 11-15 August 2014
Metro Woodlands: 15-27 August 2014

Isetan Scotts: 29 August-11 September 2014
Singapore Science Park: 15-19 September 2014

Metro Paragon: 22 September – 5 October 2014
Breadtalk Building: 8-10 October 2014
AMK Hub: 27 October- 2 November 2014

Permanent Retail Store: Soon Lee @ Haji Lane


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