Please welcome our new Beauty Poet, Alice!

Hello Belles! It gives me great pleasure to be able to introduce to you the newest member of our Honeyz Cube family as we usher in the new year. With colourful locks to match her colourful wit and personality, please put your hands together to give a very warm welcome to Alice Ng, our Beauty … Continue Reading

Headlines Hairdressing: Get Rid of the Newbie Look

Headlines Hairdressing: Subtle changes Make a Difference Are you one of those graduates or interns that always get bossed around by your senior colleagues? Or those nerdy girls that always get bullied in Disney’s movies? Do you know all these has nothing to do with your experience and everything to do with your hair, make … Continue Reading

Life-Saving Lip Hacks You Have To Know!

They say ‘loose lips sink ships’, we say ‘chapped lips sink everything’! Unlike our skin, our lips do not have oil and sweat glands to keep them moist and to add fuel to the fire, they are also thinner than the skin on our face, hence, our lips are more vulnerable to chapping and sun … Continue Reading

Honeyz Golden List: Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxury Lifting Eye Concentrate

Have you ever used a beauty product and later realized it had changed your life completely and you absolutely cannot live without it anymore? Well, we have. That is why we’ve come up with the Honeyz Golden List – to make a record of products with quality that we can vouch for as well as the ability to … Continue Reading

Crème Simon: French Skincare for Singapore Climate

Crème Simon Arrives in Singapore It’s been such a long time since we’ve met each other. While Juliana has been busy preparing her wedding, Rusty busy with her Singapore Blog Awards 2014, I’ve been busy acting on screen and misguiding our future generation by teaching them Speech and Drama! Thanks to Crème Simon, both Juliana … Continue Reading

Take Part In Our Giveaway by Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio Singapore!

Yay! It’s almost Friday! Let’s celebrate the upcoming weekend with another exciting giveaway proudly sponsored by Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio! Shunji Matsuo has just launched a one-of-a kind stress-free program known as Hair Spa Indulgence to help you lift your mood with some luxurious treatments by award-winning hair care brands, Shiseido and Aveda. Here”s a … Continue Reading

Lady First Singapore Season 2 is back with more tips!

What to Expect in Lady First Singapore Season 2 女人我最大 (Lady First) is a Taiwanese beauty variety show I’ve been watching ever since I started learning how to dress up and makeup. My favourite “teacher” is Tang Li Qi 唐立淇, the horoscope expert who always provides love and career horoscope forecasts for the coming months and … Continue Reading

Style Your Hair with Gatsby Hair Jam

Jam in Your Hair is the New “In” Thing! I hate having hair spray or wax in my hair because the washing part is simply too tedious! What’s more, with the hot and humid weather (I know it’s rather dry recently) in Singapore, we perspire easily, and this means the chemical will come into contact … Continue Reading

My Cozy Room: BABOR Customized Facials Review

Honeyz Belles’ experiences with My Cozy Room You might have seen this name appearing on your Facebook book ads or even on some beauty blogger’s check-ins. But what on earth is My Cozy Room? My Cozy Room is a Boutique Spa located along Cairnhill Road, just behind Paragon. Before our Polymath (Juliana @ got … Continue Reading

Watsons versus Guardian: Your Quick Comparison Guide

Let’s do a comparison of Singapore’s biggest healthcare players, Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy and check out what’s good about each drugstore! Let’s get this grudge match going! For starters, here’s a side by side stats comparison for these two health behemoths. Number of outlets in Singapore: Watsons: 105 stores island-wide Guardian: 154 stores island-wide Social … Continue Reading