Shave Clean with Gillette FlexBall

No More ‘Shave Face’ with New Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology Gentlemen will be more than familiar with contorted faces you would have to make while shaving your beards and moustaches. Well, Gillette knows it too, and they spent 5 years researching and finding the solution to the hairy problem men has – not being … Continue Reading

Getting ready for SG50!

It’s August and we’ve reached the month of our country’s birthday! This year, the island will be celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee and the party is expected to be real grand. So of course, adhering to this year’s theme, I have to try incorporating both our national colours (Red and White, mainly Red) and Gold within … Continue Reading

Vacation Looks with 8 Products!

Tired of your fast-paced lifestyle where being busy is an accepted norm? How about taking a break from your hectic lives and try to relax in a new environment for just a couple of days? Vacations are always a welcome break and staycations are slowly on the rise. But these supposedly relaxing times are sometimes rather stressful … Continue Reading

NUXE Paris – Your Natural Skincare Solution

I was given the opportunity to try out some products from NUXE Paris. Truth to be told, I have not heard of them and decided to get some research done. A young brand that started back in the 1990s, NUXE Paris was created to bring together Nature and Luxury into their beauty brand. Through their … Continue Reading

My All Time Favourite Makeup!

As a beauty junkie, I have absolutely no control in trying to keep my makeup collection as concise as possible. However, it’s also because of that, that I have tried many different products. And today, I’ve picked a few of my all time favourite makeup products so you don’t have to spend as much money, … Continue Reading

3 Summer Makeup Looks!

How are you doing, my pretty ladies? Summer is fast approaching and I thought I’d share some of my summer looks with you. In fact, these are pretty versatile and you don’t necessarily have to wait for summer to arrive in order to rock these styles. Aren’t you just excited to whip out your bikini … Continue Reading

3 Easter Makeup Looks!

Greetings gorgeous people! I’m not sure if Easter is one of the holidays that you normally celebrate, but why turn down an occasion to doll up? When someone mentions Easter, I immediately think of bunnies and eggs. Thus, the colour theme would be bright pastels this time. With that, I have derived 3 different looks of … Continue Reading

Watsons Celebrates 27th Birthday with New Products + Brands!

Honeyz Belles @ Watsons Girls Day Out What’s better than shopping? Celebrating Watsons’ 27th birthday (same age as me btw!) and receiving lots of new and exclusive goodies of course! Just last week, Watsons had a Girls Day Out event at Nex and invited many beauty bloggers to the beauty bash! Just like a mini fun fair for … Continue Reading

2015 Zodiacs’ Lucky Colour Fashion Tips

The year of the Golden Goat is here, and just before the Honeyz Cube belles jet off for our Chinese New Year holidays (I’m going off to Malaysia to visit my relatives while our dear Polymath, Juliana, will be spending her first CNY as Mrs Stryker!), we thought we could put together some colour-coordinated fashion inspiration with the … Continue Reading

3 Chinese New Year Makeup Looks!

Hello ladies! Are you ready for the upcoming holidays yet? With Chinese New Year slowly creeping up on us, it’s perfectly reasonable for us girls to freak out during this time. I’m sure you’ve had those moments of panic – ‘I need at least 3 sets of new clothes! I need to book appointments to … Continue Reading