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I didn’t even know Za did men’s products, so imagine how shocked I was to learn that they’ve in fact been catering for the less fairer sex for a whopping two years already. Developed using advanced Japanese technologies to specifically tackle the unique properties of Asian men’s skin, is it any good?


Before we get into the review, here is a brief overview of my current skin care routine. I’ve been using skin care products and going for beauty treatments for more than 10 years, always striving to keep my skin looking and feeling as good as a babies. Using skin care products is one of my main go to practices whenever I feel my skin is getting worse. I know I should be doing it every day but I’m just too lazy!  😀 I’ve tried hundreds of products but I often find myself settling for women’s products, they always seem to be far superior that their male counterparts. In fact I feel we men need better skin care products than women, especially to combat some of the extra torture our skin has to go through regularly (shaving, outdoor activities and many more!).

Long story short, here comes my Za Men’s Ultimate Moist Smoothing Cleanser and Hydrating Moisturizer review.


Here is a close up look at my face and complexion after not taking care of it for awhile >.<


Za Men Ultimate Moist Smoothing Cleanser


This is how the cleanser looks like:


My face after using Za Men Ultimate Moist Smoothing Cleanser.

Feeling fresh and cool after washing my face and surprisingly, I don’t feel the Za Men Ultimate Moist Smoothing Cleanser leaving me with that tight unpleasant feeling I usually get from using cleansers. Za left my skin feeling so moist that I was able to skip my toner or moisturiser and still feel good.


Za Men Ultimate Moist Hydrating Moisturizer


This is how the moisturizer looks like:


My face after using the Za Men Ultimate Moist Hydrating Moisturizer.

 Luckily this moisturizer is not one that leaves your face looking shiny or sticky. In fact it made my skin feel fresh and remarkably cool.


If you have not been using any skin care products or are looking for somewhere to start, I would highly recommend you give the Za Men Ultimate Moist Smoothing Cleanser and Hydrating Moisturizer system a try.

To find out more about these Za products, visit their site at http://www.za-cosmetics.com/MEN and FB page at https://www.facebook.com/zamensingapore


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