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Tired of your fast-paced lifestyle where being busy is an accepted norm? How about taking a break from your hectic lives and try to relax in a new environment for just a couple of days? Vacations are always a welcome break and staycations are slowly on the rise. But these supposedly relaxing times are sometimes rather stressful with packing.

Which products should I bring? How should I pack? Will these products be suitable? I want to bring them all!

Most likely than not, you have faced some of these issues before. Bringing a variety of products may not be wise as it adds bulk and weight to your luggage. On the contrary, packing light may not be sufficient. So today, I’m sharing with you how to make use of your make-up products (in fact, just 8!) so you can still create multiple looks with less items!



Looking good while on vacation is extremely important because there’s always a camera waiting to take your pictures. So, for this casual look, I’m concentrating on creating a fresh-faced look with focus on the eyes. With a nude wash on the lids, the star of the show here is coats and coats of mascara. With just focusing on achieving long, voluminous, black lashes, you’ll definitely look camera-ready in no time!


In case you haven’t noticed, I did not bring an eyeliner as I’m using the eyeshadows as my liner. Not only that, I’m using the matte brown shade for shading my brows! Being creative and using products for a few purposes are extremely helpful for such situations.




Now you’ve probably just reached your hotel and want to go out straight away, not wasting any time. But how to transit from our fresh-faced casual look earlier to a ready-for-fun look in seconds? Get your tint on for a playful pout! Additionally, the blush that you have applied may be long gone by now so use that exact same tint and blend in onto your cheeks for a healthy glow.


If you have got some extra time, coat your bottom lashes with your waterproof mascara to widen your eyes further. With huge eyes, rosy cheeks and watermelon lips, you look like you’re 100% ready to have some fun!




So you’re now back from the shopping trip and need to get ready for a romantic dinner with your partner. But because you overlooked the time while getting the best bargains, you now have much lesser time to get ready! What should we do? Transiting from the previous look to a formal look is extremely easy. Just take your blue eyeshadow, pack and blend for a deeper look.


Touch up your red lips and brush out your hair. Perhaps bun it up or curl it with your curling iron, and you’re done!



With just 8 products, not only could you create 3 looks for 3 different situations, you can save time by continuing the look without removing any of the previous make-up. Another tip is to plan your looks ahead so you can think of how to manipulate your items in creative ways. And with that, I hope you have a great break so you can be back to tackle anything in the world! 😀


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