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Men's Korean hair perm – The Scene @ Raffles City
Men’s Korean hair perm – The Scene @ Raffles City

Want to to look like a Korean superstar? Well we’ve found just the ticket you’ve been looking for and you don’t need to buy a ticket to Korea and back to enjoy it! The Scene @ Raffles City is a shiny new salon that’s literally setting the scene for great hair!

I’ve always wondered how those male Korean superstars styled their hair, so much so that I even ventured out to Korea to find out first hand! I had my mane styled twice out there and loved it both times, but alas, the look could never be maintained or reproduced back here in sunny Singapore.

Haircut in Korea 2015
Haircut in Korea 2015
Haircut in Korea 2015
Haircut in Korea 2014

But The Scene @ Raffles City was able to break new ground by bringing my hair back to its Korean glory days without needing me to fly back over there.

The reason why I’m such a fan of the way they style hair in Korea is because they know so instinctively what kind of style is best suited to each individual. They’re always able to work my hair to look volumized without drawing attention to my hair loss or high hairline problems. Knowing first hand what it’s like to have your hair styled in Korea, I am happy to say The Scene is no exception to what I’ve come to expect from a real Korean salon!

During my visit to The Scene @ Raffles City, I was welcomed by Jade, my expert stylist for the day.

After I got myself comfortably seated with a drink, Jade gave me a thorough consultation and then recommended the style that he felt would suit me best, surprisingly a Korean perm!

Wait! I’m not talking about the type of perm your granny might go for! This special perming technique is in fact the latest volumizing technique a lot of young celebs are going for in Korea and in the hands of expert hair-craftsmen like the stylists at The Scene, it can literally knock off several years and imbue you with a fresh youthful look.

So below are some photos of the process and how my hair was transformed, great for any guys who have yet to experience a Korean hair-makeover and perm!

Let’s begin!

They will wash your hair
Hair wash and cleanse.
The styling started while my hair was still wet
Prepping my hair for perming
My nice new curls were wrapped up in a shower cap for about 30minutes
Steaming my curled hair for another 30minutes before I got to see the final product
Final product after blowing dry my hair

Guess what? No wax or spray was needed to style my hair the way you see it here! Most guys might be afraid of the idea of having their hair permed, but trust me, the look was so natural and low maintenance, so easy to replicate straight out of bed, that I can’t stop singing it’s praises!

Really thanks so much to Jade for such a wonderful haircut, it looks great even without me touching it first thing in the morning, perfect!

And here is some good news for those who are interested to cut, perm or try out any of the services at The Scene @ Raffles City.
Just be one of the the lucky first 30 to quote “Honeyz” and you will get to enjoy 10% off!

So quickly call them at 63339613 or drop them a message on their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/TheSceneRafflesCity or Instagram @thesceneraffles to book your appointment!

The Scene @ Raffles City is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre, #03-21A, 252 North Bridge Road

Highly recommended!

DSC_7856DSC_7898 DSC_7883DSC_7914DSC_7955

Hair styled by The Scene @ Raffles City

Photography by Honeyz Paint House



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