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SkinPerfect_Tiffany Yong ConsultationI was invited by Originally.us and SkinPerfect to try out their treatments. When asked what treatment, I was told that the specialists will only be able to advise after checking out my skin and recommend a facial to target my problems. That’s one tick of my “Good Clinic” checklist because I’ve experienced clinics who sells only treatments that they want to promote rather than customizing!
SkinPerfect_Tiffany Yong Visia CameraUpon arrival, after filling up the forms, I was asked to get a quick scan on this special camera called Visia. There after, the computer screen showed a full detailed analysis on my face condition as seen below.

SkinPerfect_Tiffany Yong Visia resultsThe Visia Skin Analysis Machine was able to detect the condition of the skin even with makeup on. I was pretty skeptical of these machines, as most of them are usually marketing gimmicks, but when I saw the results, I was surprised that the consultant did not start harping at me about my skin. Instead, she told me what are the treatments she would recommend to fix my concerns and the priority of the treatments.
SkinPerfect_Tiffany Yong Visia AnalysisSpots: 69% | Wrinkles: 27% | Texture: 56% | Pores: 85% | UV Spots: 76% | Brown Spots: 97% | Red Area: 73% | Porphyrins: 60%

Most of my problems are scattered around the T-zone and cheeks, a pretty common condition amongst ladies in Singapore. I was told how my skin (face area) gets really warm easily, which causes acne and pimple to flare up easily especially when I’m on thick makeup during filming and photoshoots.

SkinPerfect_Tiffany Yong PPL TreatmentI chose the time where I get most breakouts (just before my period) to experience SkinPerfect’s treatment. Like most facials, the beautician will start with cleansing, scrub, a mask to condition the skin for extraction and then followed by (my favourite) extraction. In order not to damage the skin, the beautician only does extractions on spots that can be removed, hence it was pretty pain-free!

Pure Pulse Light (PPL) Treatment

SkinPerfect_Pure Pulse Light TreatmentSkinPerfect uses Light Laser Technology to deliver a safe and effective Pure Pulse Light (PPL) which claims to able to kill bacteria on skin’s surface and within the pores. It encourages collagen stimulation helping to firm and tighten skin, as well as actively reduces appearance of fine lines over a treatment course. The treatment also clears out dead skin cells, dirt particles and makeup residue trapped within pores and decreases sebum (oil) production, thus reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

P.S. As this is only a one-time treatment review, I won’t be able to assure the above claims are true over long term.

SkinPerfect_Pure Pulse LightThe most obvious result is the evening and brightening of skin tone. PPL is also able to selectively target the pigments and lighten them through the body’s metabolic process. Most importantly, the treatment does not cause trauma, redness, or thinning of the skin!
P.S. Each complete facial programme cost $300.

SkinPerfect_Tiffany YongSkinPerfect GSS Promo: Quote “Tiffany Yong” and enjoy a FREE Face Consultation and a 8-Step SkinSaver Treatment at SkinPerfect @ Orchard.

Visit www.skinperfect.com.sg/promotions to make your booking.
Contact: +65 6235 7377 | 541 Orchard Road, #21-03/04 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Other locations @ Parkway Parade, Tampines One, Toa Payoh Central, Yishun Central and WestGate.

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