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Honeyz Belles’ experiences with My Cozy Room

DSC06684You might have seen this name appearing on your Facebook book ads or even on some beauty blogger’s check-ins. But what on earth is My Cozy Room? My Cozy Room is a Boutique Spa located along Cairnhill Road, just behind Paragon. Before our Polymath (Juliana @ ilovebunny.net) got married, both the bride and bridesmaid, Purist (Tiffany @ tiffanyyong.com) received the invitation to experience the facial treatment which received the Blissful Brides ‘Most Desirable Beauty & Spa Awards’ for 3 years running, this treatment has achieved ‘The Best Pre-Wedding Facial’ in 2014!

BABOR products

DSC06682The spa salon uses BABOR Skincare, Germany’s No. 1 professional skincare range. This product range is adopted by many leading spas and beauty institutes over 70 countries and are used in servicing clients of 1st class travellers of Air Emirates, Lufthansa Airlines, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Four Season Hotels worldwide. So you can imagine the pampering we received!

My Anti-Acne Facial Treatment – 90 min (Usual Price $188)

My Cozy Room Before FacialThis STEMCELL facial treatment is an effective way to relieve pimples and blemished skin. The Anti-Acne Facial make use of innovative combinations of active ingredients are produced with the aid of biotechnology and help to regulate the skin’s pH and inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause blemishes.

cozyroomMy Cozy Room After Facial1Natural ingredients like witch hazel and horsetail extracts have astringent and healing effects and Vitamin B, yeast and jojoba oil regulate the skin’s lipid levels, leaving it soft and supple against dehydration. This facial is an effective way to help your skin to feel clear, pure and soft.

My Illuminating Premium Facial Treatment – 120 minutes (Usual Price $288)

This 2014 award-winning luxurious treatment is a 120-minute treatment that aims to boost skin moisture and give you a fairer, glowing complexion instantly. Both the Purist and Polymath had different skin conditions and this highly raved treatment is said to be able to soothe diverse skin problems.

It promises visible results in a single session, removing clogged pores easily without leaving extremely red marks, and also help tone up the skin, close up pores upon extraction, help in lifting, anti-aging, lymphatic drainage, skin rejuvenation and relaxation.

BABOR AmpouleWith a top-up of $28, you can use the BABOR Ampoule (customised and recommended by the therapist) which will help in the penetration of active ingredients of the BABOR skin care products into the skin directly.

Do You Know?
BABOR is the World’s Inventor and largest manufacturer for Ampoules, thus BABOR ampoules are of unparalleled quality. BABOR ampoules are taken up by the skin 8 times faster than a moisturiser. Manufactured by high-end liposome technology, the molecules of plant-based ingredients are 8,000 times finer!

alginate maskThis customized facial treatment uses BABOR’s premium range of skincare infused with Alpine Rose stemcells, its highlights include a Premium Alginate Peel-off Mask Kit that covers face, eyes, lips and up to the neck for the ultimate indulgence.

The Polymath’s Treatment results:

PolymathJuliana has a serious clogged pores issue and this could be due to improper makeup/sunblock cleansing routines. But after the treatment, and mask, her skin redness was almost as if the facial never took place!

The Purist’s Treatment results:

My Cozy Room After Illuminating FacialFor the purist, the New Skin BABOR Ampoule was used on the acne-prone skin to help regulate skin’s natural oil and moisture balance. It also help strengthens skin’s resistance to external influences and is very good for dry skin lacking in lipids.


cozyroomEnjoy My Anti-Acne Facial Treatment at $88 (Usual: $188)
For 1st 20 customers: Receive a complimentary BABOR Mild Peeling Facial Scrub (travel size) worth $38
Need a better working facial exfoliator that will rid yourself of those dead skin cells? Mild Peeling from Babor is the best way to go! This wonderful working exfoliator contains a blend of nutrients and minerals which work to remove roughness and flakiness on the skin, give the skin a more balanced appearance and soften and smooth it out. This excellent formula works for really any skin type to moisturize while eliminating dead cells and rough spots with softness. In the end, all you will be left with is softer, smoother, healthier looking skin this festive season!


DSC06702Enjoy My Illuminating Facial Treatment at 50% discount (Usual: $288)
For 1st 20 customers: Receive a complimentary BABOR Skinovage illuminating Serum (travel size) worth $68
Serum of active ingredients for increased brightness and a fresher complexion.
•Promotes the natural exfoliation of the skin’s surface, thus causing tired “grey shadows” to disappear.
•Improves and refines the surface structure of the skin.
•Reduces skin irregularities.
•The skin immediately looks rosy and fresh.

To receive these special discounts, simply quote “Tiffany Yong’s Special Discount” when you make your appointment at 6732-0030!

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

56A Cairnhill Road. Singapore 229667
Contact: +65 6732 0030
Operating Hours: Weekdays: 11am to 9pm | Weekends: 10am to 8pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mycozyroom?fref=ts
Website: http://www.mycozyroom.com.sg/

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