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I’ve been Google-stalking many hot Korean celebs, not for their dazzling makeup or eclectic fashion styles but for their perfect v-shaped jawlines.

I’m so envious. Those small sharp chins just look so good on camera and off! Don’t you agree??!

I’ve a pretty angular face shape so it usually takes lots of contouring and highlighting to make it look sharper.

Well, not anymore! I was introduced to LJH Doctor’s Care Detox & Lifting Treatment a few months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! The results are astonishing I tell you!

Don’t worry. There’s no surgery involved. Just good ol’ massaging techniques – with a small twist. 😛

Now read on to find out how you can transform your face shape instantly!


Our journey to the V-Shaped face began at Impression Beauty which is located at 61 Stamford Road #01-05 Stamford Court Singapore 178892.

Step 1: Get a skin analysis and consultation.

P1230334 copy



According to the Impression Beauty consultant, my skin is pretty dehydrated and the pores are rather clogged. No thanks to daily makeup application and poor cleansing techniques. She suggested a thorough extraction procedure later, accompanied by a moisturising mask to eradicate the irking skin problems.



Rusty also had her skin checked.





The condition of Rusty’s skin is good. *envy envy* She’s less congested pores and a smoother complexion. So her treatment will focus on the slimming aspect more – to create a sharper jawline.



Next, we were led to our ‘boudoirs’ and were asked to change into tube bath gowns as the treatment will be extended to the neck and shoulder area. Splendid!




Step 2: Cleansing and steaming



Decrease the odds of a breakout with a thorough cleansing routine by using a milk cleanser and a steamer.

According to Yoyo, my facial therapist of the day, milk cleansers work well as an additional makeup remover as it wipes off makeup without damaging the skin. And steaming improves blood circulation and softens pore-clogging debris in the epidermis which makes it easier to remove the trapped matter underneath the skin. Once the impurities are free from the skin, your face will be less susceptible to pimple attacks.

Clearer skin! Woo hoo!


After an uncomfortable extraction process, Yoyo proceeded to the star treatment of the day – the LJH V-Line Face Lifting Facial.

Step 3: Apply Doctor’s Care Spring Mineral Massage Gel

This procedure preps the skin for the deep cleansing massage with the LJH Doctor’s Care Derma Skin Tech Auto Massager.

LJH Doctor’s Care Derma Skin Tech Auto Massager
P1230375 copy
After applying Doctor’s Care Spring Mineral Massage Gel


Step 4: Let the massage begin!


This is a three-step process.

First, Yoyo performed deep-cleansing by massaging the Doctor’s Care Spring Mineral Massage Gel on the face in an upward direction with the LJH Doctor’s Care Derma Skin Tech Auto Massager. The massager delivers gentle pulses which are similar to a vibrating motion. According to her, this unclogs pores and detoxifies the skin as the massager uses positive ions to gently extract the impurities from the pores.

After 30 minutes of massage on each side of the face, Yoyo applied more Spring Mineral Massage Gel on my face. This time, to massage and improve the skin’s blood circulation with the aim of  rejuvenating the skin and restoring its moisture.

After a series of massages, Yoyo began the lifting treatment by first applying the LJH Doctor’s Care Derma Anti-aging Ampoule on my face then massaging it gently again with the LJH Doctor’s Care Derma Skin Tech Auto Massager. This step smoothens and lifts saggy skin. The negative ions in the ampoule neutralises free radicals which in turn boosts skin’s health and prevents premature aging.



Step 5: Conclude the treatment with a luxuriously rich mask for maximum hydration.

P1230393 copy


A radical solution to hydrate dry skin is to use a moisture-rich facial mask. The mask produced a cool sensation which reduced the inflammation caused by the extractions. Yoyo also gave me a therapeutic massage while I waited for the mask to dry up.

And then I’m done!

Check out the before and after photos!


I thought my face was noticeably sharper. The constant massaging reduced my chubby cheeks and gave my face a sculpted, slimmer and more contoured jawline.

My skin condition also improved which was surprisingly also evident to my friends. I met my friends a day after the facial and they commented that my complexion looked better than before. *Whee! Ascended to cloud nine!*

All in all, I had a great experience at Impression Beauty. Even though, the premises weren’t exactly top-rated, their services certainly were. The staff were friendly and well-informed about their products and they were extremely thoughtful.

I mentioned that I was hungry and cold after the session and they immediately brought me a bowl of warm green bean soup!  You bet I was utterly impressed with the high service level. It is unbeatable! 😀



The effective non-invasive treatments and impeccable service left a “good taste” in my mouth. Haha!

4.5 Honeyz stars!


Here’s what Rusty thought about the treatment:


It’s not just the treatment that makes for an experience worthy of a star review, other minor details like the location of a salon matter as well. Impression is situated just 5 minutes away from City Hall MRT station, relatively convenient for public transport commuters like me. Located on the first level of Stamford Court, it’s also very easy to find.

The treatment itself felt very relaxing and comfortable. Prior to the necessary makeup removal process, the therapist started the session with a short neck massage. It definitely loosened some tight muscles and made me more comfortable and ready for the treatment.

Moving on to the main part of the review, LJH Doctor’s Care Detox & Lifting Treatment will definitely interest individuals who are looking for the ideal V-shaped jawline. Segmented into 3 different procedures, a gel is first applied before each session starts. The friendly therapist then used the high-tech LJH Doctor’s Care Detox & Lifting machine to create pulses along my cheek and jawline. It’s painless and feels similar to a facial massage. When half of my face was done, I compared with the other on the spot. There sure was a difference, with one side tighter than the other!

I’m amazed with the difference the treatment makes in such a short time. If you want a slimmer face and a tighter V-shaped jawline, then LJH Doctor’s Care Detox & Lifting Treatment is the answer. I would recommend anyone to try it out!

4 Honeyz stars!


The lifting treatment is priced at SGD146 for a one-hour session.

Impression Beauty is located at 61 Stamford Road #01-05 Stamford Court Singapore 178892 and you can contact them at  63339093 / 62551126 to make your appointment.

For their latest news and promotions, visit the Impression Beauty Facebook Page.

We loved the treatment so much that we also introduced it to our blogger friends during our Honeyz Cube Pamper Party. 😀


Our friends have nothing but good words to say about the treatment. Check out all their blog reviews on our Facebook page here.


Experience the beauty miracle yourself!


We would like to invite you to try the LJH Doctor’s Care V-Shaped Facial Treatment (one-hour session) too!

During the treatment, you’ll get to experience the whole of Step 4 and witness the beauty miracle at absolutely no cost!

Simply register your interest here – http://hkcplaza.com/hkcplaza/detox-lifting-impression and you’re well on your way to getting a smaller and sharper chin!

We’ve only 80 vacancies spread over 2 days – 30 Nov and 1 Dec 2013 so hurry before all seats are taken!

Your ideal V-Shaped face is just a click away! 😀


Your friend,


Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

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