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Have you ever used a beauty product and later realized it had changed your life completely and you absolutely cannot live without it anymore?

Well, we have.

That is why we’ve come up with the Honeyz Golden List – to make a record of products with quality that we can vouch for as well as the ability to keep us wanting more AND AND AND that deserve more than 5 Honeyz stars! 😀


The products named here can go from facial creams, scents, moisturizers, hair conditioners to beauty tools such as nail clippers, salon scissors, epilators and the list goes on. Basically, anything that seeks to beautify!

The products chosen to be on this exclusive list will be awarded the prestigious Honeyz Gold Label.


So ladies and gentlemen, may I present the first product on our Honeyz Golden List – Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxury Lifting Eye Concentrate!

Suisse-Programme-Platinum-Precious-Luxury-Eye-Lift-Concentrate-reviewBrand: Suisse Programme

Description: Platinum Precious Luxury Lifting Eye Concentrate with lightweight texture rapidly penetrates into skin and performs comprehensive anti-aging solution at eye area. Colloidal Platinum combining with peptide complex Matrixyl 3000 and Plantactiv ® Centella work in synergy for ultra-effective hydration of skin. Helps balancing the electrical charges, stimulating metabolism and skin repair system. Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC) delivers oxygen to the deepest layers of the dermis to promote cellular renewal. BIOPHYTEX LS significantly lightens dark circles and soothes fatigue. Your eyes appear younger and brighter with sparkling charm.

How to use: Morning and evening after cleansing, gently tap a small amount onto eye area with fingertips, continuing over the eyelid. Follow with Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream for a complete eye contour anti-aging regimen.

Price: SGD 295.00 (15ml)

Why does this product deserve a Honeyz Gold Label?

It is one of the most moisturising eye creams we’ve ever tried. Puffy eye and dark eye rings are successfully eradicated within one use. The only drawback is its hefty price tag. But! We’re willing to sacrifice our wallets for its miraculous results. If you’ve been suffering from panda-like eyes too, this could be your saviour.

Here are some photos of its smooth and gel-like consistency:




Even Hong Kong singer, Vivian Chow (周慧敏) is a fan!

VC in TVC 3


Photos taken at the Suisse Programme Media Launch last October.

Media Launch 1


VC @ Media Launch 4

VC @ Media Launch 1




Other products that re in the range includes this Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream that is in a cream form.



VC @ Media Launch 2


Media Launch 3

Media Launch 2

The Honeyz Belles also got an exclusive photo opp with the Eternal Maiden Queen (玉女掌门人), Vivian Chow. Woo hoo!

VC with Bloggers

For more info about the Suisse Programme products, visit our website at honeyzcube.com.

By the way, this is not going to be a one-time post. We’ll update the Honeyz Golden List whenever we discover a new heavenly beauty product.

Have you tried the Suisse Programme products too? Let us know by submitting your reviews to Honeyz Cube!


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