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Headlines Hairdressing: Subtle changes Make a Difference

Are you one of those graduates or interns that always get bossed around by your senior colleagues? Or those nerdy girls that always get bullied in Disney’s movies? Do you know all these has nothing to do with your experience and everything to do with your hair, make up, outfit and the way you carry yourself?


One of my favourite example will be the post-it note girl in 2008 Taiwanese Drama “Fated to Love You” where she transformed from an office lady who did everything and anything that people tell her to, into a confident lady who manages a company for her boss.

So Headlines Hairdressing, hair sponsor for Honeyz Cube Artist, Miss Rusty, decided to engage Honeyz Cube to transform a non-blogger and show us how simple changes to your hair can increase one’s confidence. I decided to up the challenge and gave Jerry, the director of Headlines Hairdressing an even more challenging customer, Shirleyn.


At first glance, you might be wondering what’s so “challenging” about this hair. Prior to the appointment, Shirleyn’s hair had too many uneven layers, no proper form and was over trimmed.


On a closer look, she had a huge clump of hair cut off by accident but Shirleyn hopes to keep her hair length instead of going any shorter.


So Jerry proposed to do some colouring for her (virgin) hair. As Shirleyn was not open to bold colours, he chose a dark chocolate brown which will look almost like black in normal lighting and give off a brown tint under sunlight. This is recommended for anyone who’s working in a very strict environment and yet wish to be a tad rebellious!


After the hair colouring, she was given a Mucota Scena Hair Treatment which is said to perform miracles on damaged hair as the treatment contains ingredients naturally found in our hair that helps to restore the hair from both inside and outside, replenishing moisture and repairing the cell structure of your hair.

Mucota Scena is made for Asian hair types with nano-sized CMC (Cell Membrane Complex), moisture, lipids and hair protein. The nano-sized CMC can penetrate the inner layers of the hair effectively thereby replenishing the lost CMC and restoring the hair internally.


Thereafter, Jerry started trimming (and salvaging the badly cut hair) and taught Shirleyn the various styles she can try on her hair. Tying up her hair into a ponytail will actually reveal the clump of short hair, so instead, she should leave it down and put it to the front.


Also, according to Shirleyn’s face shape, which is on the rounder side, she should have a slant fringe to shape (lengthen) her face instead of having short straight bangs which will make the face look rounder.


So this is the Before and After of Shirleyn’s hair make-over. As you can see, a slight change in colour (you don’t really have to do the blogger-crazy colours!) and some curls make the whole of a difference! (Ok, I’m exaggerating a little but you get what I’m trying to say!)

This hair also gave her a more professional and feminine look as compared to the “little fresh-out-of-school-girl” look!


Many thanks to Jerry Chua for the practical tips and help!

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