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It’s August and we’ve reached the month of our country’s birthday! This year, the island will be celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee and the party is expected to be real grand. So of course, adhering to this year’s theme, I have to try incorporating both our national colours (Red and White, mainly Red) and Gold within my makeup look. Which includes options for beautifying your nails as well!

And if you’re thinking if it’ll look over patriotic or weird or just simply too much work, don’t worry. My aim for today is to make preparing for National Day as simple and easy as possible.

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Eye LOTD

Instead of just focusing on only both Red and White, I thought it would be more appropriate to inject a bit of fun by using Gold as the highlight of today’s theme. 50 years of independence is a huge deal for a small country like Singapore. So what’s a better way than to join in the celebration of the Golden Jubilee with Gold?



Already doing your eyeliner everyday? Just do the same! And for an easier twist, simply use a Gold eyeshadow all over your lids and you inner bottom lash line. It won’t be overboard and you’ll look great for the occasion.

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Eye Look


The lips is where I opted for a different look. First, choose your favourite lip color. I chose this gorgeous barbie pink lipstick that is both moisturising and pigmented for a pouty look. Then, using that same Gold eyeshadow that you have used for your eyes, dab some on the center of your lips! Not only does this gives you a more 3 dimensional effect, it’s also well within the theme!

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Lips

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Lips Add Gold

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Lips Gold


And once again, using that exact same Gold eyeshadow, we now use it as a highlighter! Talk about multi-purpose products for different kinds of uses. Simply brush some across the areas where you usually place your highlighter. For me, I dab some on the apples of my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow and just a little on my forehead.

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Highlight


And now, we have moved on to nails. Going bare nails is absolutely fine. But, having a manicure is even better! Other than the nail designs, I would also like to share with you CATRICE Cosmetics’ Ultra Stay and Gel Shine base and top coat. They’re easy to apply, last really long and gives the most sparkling shine ever.

I really liked how my nails turned out and my manicure lasted well over the usual . They staying power is great and my nails didn’t chip as quickly. It’s definitely worth a try and is a great alternative to gel nails but still get the same effect.

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Bare Nails

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Nail Products


We’re going for simplicity today because although it is a long weekend for us, sometimes not all of us could afford the luxury of spending huge amounts of time to get ready and do girly stuff like painting our nails. Pick out your favourite red and apply!

I would recommend to go for a nail color that is pigmented and non-streaky for easy and fast application. My pick is Essence Cosmetics’ The Gel nail polish which is super easy to apply with the brush and I love the vibrant color!

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Red Nails


Another nail look that I tried is a gradient spread out over 5 fingers. Starting from the lightest almost-sheer milky pink on my first finger to a bright hot red on my last, I thought the change in colours will create a bit more fun. Also, not forgetting Gold as the star of our theme today, I also used short brush strokes and created gold streaks across all fingers. I really like how it turned out to be!

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Gradient Nails

Miss Rusty Honeyz Cube Gradient Nails 2

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