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For Beloved One – A well-known cosmeceutical skincare brand originated from Taiwan, that firmly believes and lives up to their motto “FOR BELOVED ONE cherishes every woman in the world.”.

Cooperated with other well-known pharmaceutical companies to create safe and effective skincare ranges that cater to the diverse desires and needs of consumers, For Beloved One has since climbed up the beauty ladder and proved their genuinity to help women from all walks of life.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Overview

I had the luxury of trying out three products of theirs, namely their serum, moisturizer and mask. I’ll be going through each product, what they claim to help and my thoughts about them. I’ve been incorporating these three products into my skincare regime and have been using them for over a month now.

But first, let’s talk about the packaging. For both serum and moisturizer, they are housed in gorgeous baby/pastel blue containers. The quality of the packaging of the products are sturdy and well made. Not the kind of cheap plastic that you get from most mass brands. As for the masks, they are individually packed and comes in three pieces in a box.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Overview Products 2 Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Overview Products


For Beloved One’s serum is an all-in-one serum that helps capture, replenish and create abundant moisture to improve dry skin conditions. Claims to be suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin, it also serves for special care needs after any derma treatments.

Containing GHK-Cu, the serum claims to help to slow down the aging process and improve skin elasticity. I like how it’s also fragrance free and pigment free, so if you’re a fan of non-scented skincare, then you will probably love this.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Serum

The consistency of the serum is very liquidy. Once you pump the product out, you’ll have to spread it all over your face pretty quickly. Its non-greasy texture allows easy and effective absorption and feels super smooth on the skin.

I found the application to be simple and your skin will be prepped and ready for the next step in no time. You don’t even have to wait for very long for the serum to be absorbed into the skin which is both convenience and time saving.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Serum Swatch


This is an interesting product. For Beloved One claims that the unique texture of this surge cream turns into micro-water molecules once they come in contact with skin. It contains Malachite, which is an ingredient that energizes skin by locking in moisture and preventing any dehydration from happening.

Just like the serum, it is also intended for people that has dry and sensitive skin, although any skin type can still benefit from it. Additionally, it is perfect for those of you whom require special care after derma treatments.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Moisturizer

The colour of the product itself is also baby blue that matches with the packaging of the products. Consistency wise, it feels like both a cream and a gel. It spreads really easily and gets absorbed into the skin even faster than the serum. After application, what is left behind is smooth skin.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Moisturizer Closeup Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Moisturizer Swatch


For that extra luxury, a mask always helps. For Beloved One has introduced a mask that penetrates through skin quickly that enhances the absorption of essence effectively. After application, skin is replenished and locked with essential moisture, leaving skin feeling dewy soft and supple.

I like how masks are able to provide an instant perk-me-up look and feel, which is always a plus for those occasions where you need an instant glow. Just make sure to dab any excess essence off your face before makeup application for a flawless finish!

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty For Beloved One Mask Closeup

And that’s my take on my For Beloved One products. If you are looking for skincare products that are able to serve your delicate skin, then it’ll be a good brand to try out. Not only that, their products are the perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends!

For Beloved One products are exclusively sold at Sephora stores
in Singapore.

Website: www.forbelovedone.com
FB: fb.com/ForBelovedOneINTL
IG: @forbelovedone

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