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Dermagold first started as a hobby slightly more than 10 years ago by a pair of childhood friends, Grace Ling and Lim Lu Ping. Being women, they constantly try to find products in the market that were simple, effective and yet lovely to the senses to improve their skin.

However, they couldn’t find any.

Most were found too rich or smelled clinical. Not great choices. So what do they do? They decided to formulate their own products leveraging on their medical background.

An interesting feature of Dermagold’s line of skincare is that they are conceptualised with portability in mind. Specifically designed to be bother compact and light, they are perfect to bring with wherever you go – especially for travel.

You now have one less worry of skincare woes when you go overseas!

If that’s not enough for you, Dermagold systems are modular which means that they can be adapted for travel in different climates. I’m now sold!


Travelling is always fun! Regardless it’s with your friends for your long-awaited graduation trip, or a planned solo adventure for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, taking a break from your everyday life re-energises you.

However, travelling isn’t totally just pure fun. It requires some planning work too.

We all know to maintain great skin, skincare is largely important. But how do we squeeze everything into our minimal baggage space?

Don’t worry, Dermagold is sharing just 3 essential skincare tips that will protect your skin while you’re out enjoying!


Everyone knows that our bodies are made up of 70% water. Thus, it’s no surprise that we have to constantly replenish ourselves with fluids to function. But, not from your favourite sugary drinks and even seemingly healthy fruit juices!

Our body loves plain old water, and so does our skin. With sufficient water intake, you can see your skin giving you the stamp of approval by being plump, soft and smooth. Otherwise, the absence of this elixir will cause your skin to dry out. And dry skin is definitely not a good look!

So what do we do? Easy.

Just prepare a filled water bottle with you at all times and remember to drink up!


Chances are, you’ll be out exploring all the amazing places rather than cooping up in a room when you travel. These exposure to sunlight promotes sebum production on your face, which may cause those unwanted breakouts. As though that’s not enough, too much sun may also cause irritation and redness, which can be itchy and definitely inconvenient.

Prevention is always better than cure. So keep your sunblock handy and apply enough on your skin before you start your day.

But it doesn’t just ends there! Bring it around with you as sunblock wears off after every 2-3 hours. So remember to keep applying it to help protect your skin from those harmful sun rays!


Bringing your entire range of skincare can be impractical, but also essential. So what do we do?

Shrunk those skincare!

With many small-sized, travel-friendly bottle options, there’s no reason to not bring your skincare regime with you anymore. One place where you can find such affordable choices is Daiso. Just remember to plan ahead and purchase bottles big enough to prepare your entire trip’s worth so you don’t run out!


When I do travel, I do heed the above 3 tips. They are easy steps to follow but are super helpful in maintaining my skin. However, I still have more tricks in my pocket and I’m going to share them with you too!

Since Dermagold has touched mostly on skincare, I’ll leaned a little bit towards the makeup side. If you do wear makeup during the trip, do remember to remove them thoroughly at the end of the day.

I know how tiring it is, to return to your hotel room after a long fruitful day. And all you want to do is to go to bed. But just think of those nasty stuff having a party on your face! So get rid of it before it affects your skin. For convenience, bring makeup wipes!

Another tip is to pamper your skin, even when you’re far away from home. Take a couple of sheet masks with you on your trip and have your very own relaxing spa night at the end of the day just before you go to bed!

I hope that these tips will help you and your skin while you travel. If you have other tips to share, let us know in the comments!



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