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Dore Clinic and Dore Aesthetics Reviews: Subcision

Located conveniently near Tanjong Pagar MRT at the Singapore Business Federation aka SBF Center (Behind Capital Tower), the ‘transformation centre’ is 3 large commercial space combined, with sister establishments – Dore Medical Clinic and Dore Aesthetics – just next to one another.

DoreDore provides skin, body and face related treatments, and they have served more than 2,000 satisfied customers and a Google Review rating of 4.0 stars, featured in The Straits Times and various popular magazines such as ELLE, Her World and Singapore Women’s Weekly. There are plenty of positive Dore Aesthetics reviews online which you can find too.

Consultation at Dore

DoreWith several skin issues that I wish to address, I decided to go for the consultation before deciding which treatment I should go for. I met Crystal, whom did a quick analysis of my skin condition, and provided me with the list of treatments suitable for my conditions.
DoreThe top three concern I have: clogged pores, existing chicken pox scars + pitted acne scar and hyper-pigmentation scars.

In the end, I chose to try out the treatment: Subcision with Skinboosters which targets my chicken pox scars and pitted acne scars as it is a problem I find hard to mask with makeup.

Before the procedure is carried out, the face will be cleansed thoroughly and numbing cream will be applied and held for 15 minutes before wiping off.

Subcision with Skinbooster

To be honest, I’ve never heard of Subcision before coming to Dore. Thank goodness for the detailed explanation by Crystal, the doctor and Google (I secretly did a quick research prior to the procedure to see the general review and was pretty surprised how common this treatment is! How ignorant of me 😛 )

Subcision aka subcutaneous incisional surgery is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia used for treating depressed cutaneous scars and wrinkles. Subcision is performed using a special hypodermic needle inserted under the skin so that it is parallel to the skin surface.
Theory: Inflamed blemishes aka pimples or acnes causes our pore to swell, causing a break in the follicle wall. Our skin will form new collagen fibers to repair the damage done to the dermis. A loss of tissue will result in depressed (how apt!) scars, as the skin surface is pulled down by fibrous bands. This is why we see mini craters on the skin.

Subcision breaks the subcutaneous tissue holding the scar to the dermis layer below, encouraging the skin to regenerate, and eventually promote new collagen growth, which lifts that depression in the skin causing the scar.

If you are wondering, Restylane Skinbooster is used. It is a well-known brand in Taiwan and Korea often used in filler treatments (aka 水光针) known for improving skin texture and tone. Once injected, the water-loving hyaluronic acid molecules start to absorb water, bringing about hydration to the skin from inside out. With dramatically improved hydration, the skin looks plumper, brighter, and more youthful.

Subcision Side Effects?

There’s no pain as I was on numbing cream. The side effects are pretty similar to that of a filler procedure. There will be injection related side effects, like temporary swelling, bruising and pin-prick marks which will fade in 5-7 days. The degree of these side effects will depend on how sensitive your skin is and the areas the treatment is carried out.

Bumpiness on the skin could also occur as fillers are used. However, these are mostly temporary, and resolve quickly with some gentle massage.

One should avoid: alcohol, anti-inflammatory drugs, supplements which can thin the blood (i.e. Vitamin E, garlic, ginseng) for 2 days before and after the treatment to minimize bruising. Also avoid swimming, strenuous exercise and going to a sauna for a day after the treatment.

Dore Aesthetics Review: This is definitely not a one-time miracle treatment, and I am glad my expectation was managed from the start. I am pretty excited that with this treatment, I can perhaps, no longer need to photoshop my pitted marks away. If there’s anyone who is troubled by their deep scars on their face, I would definitely recommend you to try out this treatment with Dore, especially with all the good Dore Aesthetics reviews around.

Post-Treatment Care Products

Post-treatment care products are VERY important for the recovery. I rushed off after the treatment for another appointment, forgetting to collect my skin recovery cream as well as sun protection, missing out the most important days of recovery.
Dore recommend Regen Ceutic Skin Recovery Cream which doubles as a moisturiser (I like it a lot, it’s very light and not oily at all!) as well as the Sun Ceutic 50+ Age Defense Sun Protection to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Important Note: ALWAYS arrange an appointment to meet the consultant and the doctor before deciding to have it done. It is important to be comfortable with the person treating your insecurities and have him/her address your concerns! Who knows, you might be more suitable for another type of treatment or be recommended with something more effective for your skin!

Other Dore Aesthetics Reviews

I have also located some positive Dore Aesthetics Reviews for your reference:

Dore Aesthetics review by TT
Thank you very much to Dore Aesthetics. I’m so happy with my result. I will give this place a 5 star.

Dore Aesthetics review by AF
Treatment was good! Personally, I feel that my skin condition has improved. I don’t feel that my skin is dry anymore even after a few weeks. Sales consultant was not pushy at all.

Dore Aesthetics review by CN
Overall experience was good.

Dore Aesthetics review by JHK
Thank you for the wonderful treatments. It’s one of the best I’ve had. Excellent service!

Dore Aesthetics review by KC
Experience is nice! I see visible results after few sessions.

Dore Aesthetics review by KT
Happened to come across Dore Aesthetics online and decided to find out the details personally. I’m so happy I made the right decision. Worth the investment!

Address: 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center (via Mediplex Lobby) #4-02 S(068914)
Operating Hours: Mon to Fri, 11am to 8pm and Sat, 10am to 2pm, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Website: http://www.dore.sg/
Facebook Page: Dore Aesthetics
Instagram: @Dore.sg
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