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Valentine’s Day has arrived and once again, it’s the season of love. When you think of Valentine’s Day, the colour palette is always pink, brown, pastels and soft colours. This time, I’m sticking to the classic. Wearing a neutral eye look, I’m thinking ahead and making use of a tip to subtly change up the look! Your date will notice a difference but couldn’t figure out exactly what it is. The perfect secret of a girl that you don’t have to share. Shhh.

Now, why do we have to wait till this ‘lovey-dovey’ day to spend extra effort dolling up? You don’t have to!

This look could be worn regardless. You can wear it to any special occasions or even just sport it on a random day to surprise your SO! My thought process this time is a look that can be transitioned from day to night. And no, you don’t have to bring your heavy bag of makeup along.

Simply pop in 1 makeup item. Read on to find out what!

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 2 Looks

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Products


Sticking to the classic means following the usual colours for the eyes. I chose this affordable yet of decent quality eyeshadow palette from CATRICE Cosmetics. With 6 different shades from the same mauve/pink family, it provides light, dark, shimmery and even a matte colour for any versatile looks.

To add further pop to the eyes, fake lashes are a great help. My favourite has got to be Star Lash in TL001 Erika, which is part of their Flawless Natural range. The band of the lashes sits comfortably on my lash line while dramatising and furnishing my eyes with voluminous, fluttery lashes.

Comfort with beauty in one? I’m sold!

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Eyeshadow Palette

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Lashes

The look is easy to achieve with the use of only 3 colours. Picking the lightest shade from the palette, I applied it all over my eyelids. Following on, I picked a slightly darker shade for my lashline. And last but not least, the darkest colour to define my outer V for a deeper set eyes.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Eyes

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Look 1 Closeup


And we have come to the star of the show; The Lips.

This is where the magic happens. This is how a look can be transformed from a girl next door to the hot lady sitting by the bar sipping an elegant drink. Earlier on, I mentioned that just by using one makeup item, you are able to transform your look. Have you guessed it yet?

Yes, just one lipstick.

That’s all you need. And really, with the trend of tiny bags these days, that’s really all you can fit inside your clutch anyways. So it’s a perfect solution for us ladies.


Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Loreal Lipstick

The first look I want to achieve is a natural, girl next door look that is suitable for afternoon play dates. During Valentine’s Day, the date could start from the afternoon and proceed on towards the night. Putting on a hot red lip may be perfect for the cool evenings, but probably would come on too strong when the sun is still shining.

My pick is a feminine peachy-pink lipstick from L’Oreal. It gives off the sweet, bubbly side of the look that is perfect for both Valentine’s Day and even for everyday wear.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Look 1

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Looks 1


So, the sun has set and you are done with the afternoon play date. Even though you are still with the same person, you can still transform your look to fit the night ahead. Your date will be pleasantly surprised at your effort to match your look as the date proceeds. With the same eye makeup, simply change up your colour. It’s that simple!

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Look 2

I chose CATRICE Cosmetics’ Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish that gives us a gorgeous glossy colour for that perfect pouty lips. Oh, have I also mentioned how it leaves a stain so we don’t even have to worry eating or drinking with this product.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Catrice Made to Stay Lip Smoother

Working with bright colours could be scary without lip lining, especially when you do not have ample time to perfect that pout. Now here’s a little tip. Use the pointed side of the doe foot applicator, and create a cross on the lips below your cupid bow. That will create a perfect outline of your cupid’s bow and simply just fill in the rest of your lips for the perfect red pout!

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Lips Cross

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Lips

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Look 2 Closeup

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty V Day 2016 Looks 2

So there you go! 2 different looks achieved with the same eye makeup just by swapping lip colours! It’s a neat tip to try and you’ll definitely

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