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Autumn/fall is nearing. So say hello to the comfy sweaters and the endless cups of delicious hot cocoa for the awesome cooler weather. Well, makeup wise, that means berry-toned lipsticks and dark auburn eyeshadows. It’s supposed to be a colder season and shades are usually inspired by the falling autumn leaves.

However, I’m a rebel.

Living in Singapore where it’s basically sunny all year round, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to ‘localized‘ the usual dark look and give it my very own twist. And therefore, the following looks are created.


Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty Finished Look Overview

The first look I’m going for defies every rule of the usual autumn/ fall look. Instead of adhering to the normal dark lips and deep shaded eyes, I wanted to try pushing the boundaries a little further and try creating something different.

Something fun.

Something colourful!

And this is what I came up with. I changed things up by incorporating bright colours to my eye makeup. However, I maintained a little bit of the cold-season gist by retaining the blues and purples, which are also considered cooler colour tones.


1. Apply an overall lid shade to cover any pigmentation and prep for a more vibrant look.
2. Using a light Turquoise-Blue eyeshadow, pat it all over the lids.
3. Blend the edges with a Purple shade towards the brow bone.
4. To create the illusion of deeper set eyes, use a Dark Blue eyeshadow and concentrate on the crease.
5. For more definition, dab your eyeshadow brush into a Black eyeshadow and apply at the Outer V corners of your eyes.
6. Apply your usual eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty Finished Look CloseupHoneyz Cube Miss Rusty Finished Look

Products Used:

All the colours that I have used for this look comes from my ELF’s Little Black Book palette. It’s affordable, is of decent quality and comes in such a wide variety of colours that I can choose from. However, I have to say that not all ELF eyeshadows are a hit. Some that I have tried (especially their singles) are pretty much a miss for me.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty ELF PaletteHoneyz Cube Miss Rusty Lips


Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty Finished Look Overview 2

The 2nd look that I did fits the theme a little more than the 1st one. However, it’s not too overboard and could still be worn here in Singapore. Be it work or play, I’m sure this look can still be pulled off. So take your pick!


1. Apply an overall lid shade to cover any pigmentation and prep for a more vibrant look.
2. Using a neutral Brown eyeshadow, pat it all over the lids.
3. For the Outer V, use a matte Dark brown shade to create a deeper set of eyes.
4. Use Gold to blend around the edges towards brow bone for a more dramatic look.
5. Apply your usual eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty Finished Look Closeup 3Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty Finished Look 2

Products Used:

For my eye makeup for this look, I used Catrice Cosmetics’ All About Nude eyeshadow palette. Once again, an affordable choice that offers eyeshadows of decent quality. This particular palette consists of a strong burgundy tone, best suited for this look. For the lips, I wanted a semi-dark lip colour that is not too over the top, yet still able to portray a dark tint. So I chose Revlon’s Lip Butter in Red Velvet and topped it over with Clark’s Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Tint in Madge Mauve, which is a gloss-like dark lip balm.

Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty ProductsHoneyz Cube Miss Rusty Lips 2Honeyz Cube Miss Rusty Finished Look Overview 3

And that concludes my 2 ‘defiant’ looks for my Autumn/fall season! 🙂

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