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Challenge the limits of your natural beauty and physical potential.

I want a V face! I want to relax my aching muscles after my intensive workout! I want to improve my skin texture and tone my face line!

We are always trying ways and means to improve our beauty and health. The above are just some of the things that both modern men and women say and are working towards to achieve. But how do we really achieve it? Is there really a way to achieve it?

Well, this product that I’ve tried claims to do just exactly that. I’m sure the brand AIBI is not unfamiliar to you. With their continuous quest to emerge as a global leader in the fitness industry, they have been setting out to become a leading supplier for products and their portfolio consists of Beauty, Health and Fitness products. And now, they offer this product – their ReFa ACTIVE.

With AIBI ReFa ACTIVE, you are now able to tone, condition and shape your face and body. I’ve had the luxury of trying out this well raved product so read on to find out more about this unique product!

Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Outer Box

Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Inner Box


Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Package


Once you open the black luxurious box, you will find the ReFa ACTIVE product itself lying beautifully on the first layer. Pull on the string to reveal the second layer of the box where you can find a guidebook, a protective pouch to store your ReFa ACTIVE in and also a cleansing cloth to help keep your product clean.

I love how it comes in a sleek packaging that exudes the WOW factor when I first opened it. Very elegantly placed and professionally designed, it felt as though I am unboxing an expensive piece of jewellery or a high end watch! With the way it has impressed me thus far, I could only imagine how exciting it would be when it comes to actually using the product.

Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Product

Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Product Closeup


Apply as much pressure as your body needs. Condition and restore your body equilibrium.

ReFa ACTIVE is very flexible and could fit to each individual’s needs. With its Wide Fit Pressure Functionality, it is definitely ideal for kneading those sore muscles of yours after a vigorous exercise and to restore your aching body back to health.

Also, by controlling the pressure of how you press down on the specially designed handle, you can also easily control the amount of pressure you apply to a targeted area. How cool and flexible is this nifty device!?


I don’t gym often, but do run the threadmill occasionally. And those cardio makes my calf muscles all tense and aching. Making use of ReFa ACTIVE, I work it along the lines of my calves and it gives the most gentle yet soothing massage ever. And because of ReFa ACTIVE’s flexibility, my calves are not tortured by huge amount of pressure and the product kneads my sore muscles back to health.

Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Full Product


The main role of ReFa ACTIVE is their specially shaped rollers that knead the flesh and condition the skin. The multi-faceted double drainage* rollers claim to grip flesh with precision and can be moved along complex contours of the body to knead targeted areas and to help stimulate circulation.

You may think that the process of kneading the flesh may hurt, but it really doesn’t. Yes, there will definitely be the ‘pinch’ while using it. However, it’s really quite relaxing.

What’s more, you are able to change how you use it to match any situation that you may have. For example, by rolling slowly, you will enjoy a soothing massage while a quick rolling movement yields a brisk and stimulating massage.

* Drainage is a technique that estheticians often perform, and does not express any effect the product has on your body.


To benefit the drainage part of this product, the best way to utilise it is of course using it along the jaw lines. I have a pretty round face and thus achieving a V line has always been my goal. Resting my jaw lines comfortably in between the rollers, I start from the bottom and work my way up. I do NOT roll it back down, but rather lift it up, bring it back to the starting point and continue this process.

Reason of doing so is because the act of draining is to remove toxins from my face and down to my neck. So I do not want to reverse the drainage process by introducing the toxins back to my face. I usually do the whole facial exercise whenever I can, there is no limitation of the number of times you can do this. Not only does it helps with your facial feature, it also serves as a relaxing facial massage.

Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Use


If you look closely enough, you will notice that there are 2 long strips near the matte black part of the handles. These 2 rectangles are actually solar panels that are designed to take in light to emit microcurrents through the rollers.

What is microcurrents?

Favoured by athletes all over the world, microcurrents are low intensity electrical currents that closely resemble the biological currents produced by the body.

Honeyz Cube Aibi Refa Active Solar Panels


There are no fixed rules on how you are able to use ReFa ACTIVE, it’s very flexible! Just as long as you feel comfortable, that’s all that it really matters. However, AIBI do have a guide to help you get a head start.

For a sneak peek, check out the video below!

Such a handy product is great for all purpose usages and has been my staple within my everyday routine. It has been stuck in my mind as the solution for body problems and all my answers to any aching issues are “Use ReFa ACTIVE!”. It’s a great gift to anyone and an awesome product to have your own.

You can find AIBI products at their retail outlets or purchase them straight from the online store!

Website: www.aibifitness.com
Online Store: www.aibistyle.com
FB: fb.com/AibiFitness
IG: @aibifitness

For more skincare features, follow us on Instagram @Honeyzcube. Also, if you’ve tried any of Aibi products, share with me by tagging #honeyzcube!


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