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Every summer has its own beauty story.

It’s summer time again! Who else is exhilarated for another month of beach frolicking, Piña colada indulging and of course, sun kissing! Whee!

Wait! Summer season also means skin-baring season! I definitely wanna look my best donning that bikini so I usually start doing my HIIT workouts weeks before my trip to the beach.

Alright, burpees? Checked! Squats? Checked! Weights? For body… and face! Checked! Yes, I kid you not. My face lift weights now too.

Curious? Then you’ll have to read on for my rather outlandish beauty story this summer. *wink*

Sentosa Singapore 2

We all know that age will creep up on us slowly and saying farewell to our precious youth also means bidding our bouncy supple skin adios.

Our face first begins to betray us by giving us saggier skin, then followed by crow’s feet, laugh lines and probably turkey neck too. Eek!

But fret not! The beauty experts over in Japan discovered a brilliant way to reverse the unpleasant signs of aging. If you’re thinking it’s something along the lines of lasers or some expensive invasive treatment, I’m sorry, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Say hello to targeted facial exercises!

Yup. Do you know that facial exercises can actually shed years off your face?

This discovery arose from a study conducted by Tokyo University that concluded the muscles around our mouth area are the most susceptible to aging which in turn affects the overlying facial skin, leading to wrinkles and that droopy, sagging expression.

The Japanese have always been huge advocates of facial exercises. Just a few years ago, I watched a local TV programme called It’s a Small World, hosted by local comedian Mark Lee. I noticed one of the show’s guests, a Japanese lady had very youthful looking skin! And of course, I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. The show’s hosts and other guests also asked her for her beauty secrets. She enthusiastically answered that she does facial exercises everyday! She emphasized that she does not go for expensive facials, but just religiously perform these targeted facial exercises to tighten the skin.

In the next few years, I also began to notice the exponentially increasing popularity of mouth and lip trainers in the beauty market. These devices claim to slim down the face and plump up the skin.

However, not many target the main facial muscles responsible for that aging look, but this one just might do. 😛

Meet Aibi’s Facial Fitness PAO!

Aibi Facial Fitness Pao 2

Aibi Facial Fitness Pao Review



The flexible structure of the product creates resistance and provides a solid workout to the facial muscles. Yay! This means no more gaunt-looking faces!

It is designed to target five key facial muscles – the lesser zygomatic, the greater zygomatic, the cheek, the risorius and the orbicularis oris.

In layman terms…

The lesser zygomatic is the suspender-muscle that lift the cheeks.

The greater zygomatic is the crane muscle that lifts the mouth

The risorius is the smiling muscle for an appealing smile.

The orbicularis oris is the center muscle of the mouth.

To give you a better picture of which facial muscles the PAO targets, check out the video below.

This product was created by a Japanese company called MTG who also came up with the revolutionary ReFa Active device. So you know they know what they’re doing. Haha!

And another important point to note, this product is also endorsed by Real Madrid mega football star Cristiano Ronaldo. Looking at his chiselled jaw, I’m totally sold. Just take my money!

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in my AIBI Facial Fitness PAO package.


Just like dumbbells that come with different weights to add intensity to your exercises, the PAO also comes with three types of interchangeable balance weights – 18g (mint green) , 23g (pink) and 28g (rose gold) to meet your training goals.

You can start off with the lightest weights and gradually increase them to suit your training requirements. Simply change the weights in the weight holes at either side.



Since it’s a gadget that you put in your mouth, hygiene is a major factor when it comes to long term use. The mouthpiece is detachable so you can remove it from the device and rinse it with water. If it’s too tedious for you, I would suggest wiping the mouthpiece with baby wipes after every use. The PAO also comes with a case to keep your mouth piece clean so it won’t be lying around touching dirty surfaces.

Aibi Pao Review

And this is how you use it!


Put the mouthpiece between your lips  and hold the mouthpiece with your lips.


It might feel a little heavy and straining for your mouth in the first few seconds. Once you get used to it, move on to the next step!


Look ma! No hands! Haha!


Now you’re ready to shake your head up and down to swing the weights on both sides. And this is how Ronaldo does it. 😛

Do this twice a day, 30 seconds each time and you’re on your way to having a more contoured visage!


I made a huge mistake when I started using it – well, I didn’t read the instruction manual so I was completely unaware that the colour discs were actually weights. I thought they were there for aesthetics purposes! Haha!

And since I thought the PAO looks better with different coloured ends, this was how I used it in the first few days – with different weights. Silly me!


After a few tries, I figured there must be something more to these coloured discs. The manufacturers couldn’t have included them in the package for superficial reasons only. The Japanese are well known for their efficiency and won’t add weight and costs to their packaging unnecessarily. So I whipped out the manual from the box and read it carefully this time.

Lo and behold, the discs had a bigger purpose than I thought – balancing weights. Why didn’t I think of that? -_-

Also, another mistake I made from the get-go was using my teeth to hold the PAO during the exercise instead of just my lips as intended. So of course, my teeth started to hurt after a few seconds.

So in the first few days of using the equipment, I was suffering from neck aches and headaches.

It was a relief that I finally decided to knock my lazy bum off the couch and read the instructions. Otherwise, I could have ended up with an uneven face shape or even crooked teeth!

So be sure to read the manual before you embark on your PAO journey!

And now, let’s move on to the big question – did the PAO work?

This is my face before I started using the PAO.


My face was roundish with slightly drooping mouth corners. I also had very prominent nasolabial folds that I’m dying to get rid of. I’m not a huge fan of injections so fillers are out of the question. This was why I was extremely hopeful when I first heard about this product.


This is after trying it for one month.

DSC_1761 (2)


I guess there is a slight difference and my chin does look slightly sharper and more pronounced than before. As for the smile lines, I can’t see much of a difference as yet. I reckon I probably have to use the PAO for a longer time to see more noticeable results and get my desired resilient and elastic skin.

Just a word of caution, I still suffered from headaches and neck aches even after using it properly with the right weights and technique. I guess it’s still a mini dumbbell for your face after all so like any new fitness regime, go easy in the beginning. I worked out for 20 seconds and moderately increased it to 30. When I got used to it and was no longer feeling pain, I increased the weight and duration of the exercise. Like they always say, slow and steady wins the race. With some hard work and patience, we’ll get our slim, toned face eventually.

I know this is a rather wordy post but if you only have a few minutes to spare for this review, I also filmed a short video to summarise what I wrote here. Click to watch!

I hope you had fun learning about this state-of-the-art beauty gadget with me. The AIBI Facial Fitness PAO now retails at SGD199 at all AIBI branches and on their online store, aibistyle.com.

Also, Don’t forget to like Aibi Style’s social media pages for the latest in beauty technology and must-have devices for your beauty quests –facebook.com/AibiFitness and IG: @aibifitness

Have you tried any interesting beauty gadgets lately? Please share with me by commenting below!


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You are to young to see any results from this device. I wish you would have chose an older person to demo it for at least 3 months, your mom maybe? It’s an interesting device, just wish I could see it on an older person who has been using it for at least 3 months.

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