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Deep set eyes, monolids or phoenix eyes; no matter what kind of peepers you have, you probably still want to achieve bigger eyes. Other than going under the knife, which I’m sure is probably not a consideration for many of you, your favourite makeup could just do the trick! So here are a few tips to enlarge your eyes and make them pop. Give them a try and let us know which ones work for you! 🙂

1. White & Bright

There’s a logic behind the slimming effect of black clothing and it works similarly for everything else. Darker things tend to hide while brighter areas are accentuated. So to enlarge your eyes, use a shiny white eyeshadow to highlight them, bring light to them, and thus give the illusion of having wider eyes.

Miss Rusty - Honeyz Cube - White

2. Conceal Darkness

On the same note as highlighting and contouring, concealing your under eye dark circles can help to achieve a fresher look. Most of us are victims to dark circles and eyebags due to our hectic lifestyle and being night owls. Use a high coverage concealer to vanquish the darkness underneath and you’ll look more refreshed!

Miss Rusty - Honeyz Cube - Concealing

3. Pop in the Middle

Rushing for time and do not have the patience to slowly create the perfect eyeshadow look? Try dabbing some shiny rose-gold eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelids. This method of highlighting helps to give dimension to your eyes.

Miss Rusty - Honeyz Cube - Pop

4. Find Your Crease

The secret to an eyeshadow look to suit your eyes is to understand where your crease is. To find it, gently place your finger above your eyeball just below the brow bone. Apply a dark matte eyeshadow at your crease to achieve a pair of deeper set eyes.

Miss Rusty - Honeyz Cube - Crease

5. Blues Hues

Blues always makes whites whiter. That’s also why for whiter teeth, a blue-tone red lipstick is advised. Then I thought, it should work for the eyes as well! Try using a cool blue tone eyeliner to line your eyes. Other than being fun lining your eyes with a pop of color, you’ll also make the whites in your eyes whiter giving the perception of larger eyes!

Miss Rusty - Honeyz Cube - Eyeliner

6. Perfect Your Eyeliner

We all have different eye shapes so not all kinds of eyeliners are perfect for everyone. In order to make your eyes wider, you’ll first have to know your eye shape. Upon understanding your eyes, try drawing different types of eyeliners so see which one fits you best!

Miss Rusty - Honeyz Cube - Blue Eyeliner

7. Pump Up Those Lashes

Do I need to say more? Fake lashes are always the beauty item I go to if I need to bring full attention to my eyes. Not only do they widen your eyes, you can change up your look with different types of fake lashes to create the look that you are going for. It’s quick, easy and makes a huge difference!

Miss Rusty - Fake Lashes

Have you tried any of these tricks to make your peepers bigger? Let us know! 🙂

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