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Makeup either makes or breaks a look. Just like fashion, there are many trends to look out for which come as quickly as they go. However, there are also some classic looks that are here to stay for good. Especially if you’re expecting lots of photos to be taken, I would highly recommend these 6 all-time classic makeup looks so you’ll look gorgeous even after a hundred years!

1. Minimalist

Miss Rusty - Minimalist

The minimalist look is the simplest. Also known as the no-makeup makeup look, minimal cosmetic products are used to achieve natural flawless beauty. Exactly what the typical girl-next-door would wear, skip the eyeshadows, and apply a thin layer of eyeliner and/or mascara to accentuate your eyes. The secret is using a light hand and build up the intensity of your blush and end the routine with a moisturizing lip balm for a kissable pout. You’ll save time, money and effort while looking your best!

2. Porcelain Doll Cheeks

Miss Rusty - Pink Cheeks

Who doesn’t want to have flawless skin and rosy cheeks like dolls? Blushers are used to show how healthy we are, thus ‘in the pink of health‘. Pick a barbie pink blush, use a fluffy big brush and lightly apply to the apples of your cheeks. But don’t go overboard with your blush as there’s a thin line between healthy and feverish!

3. Dark Eyebrows

Miss Rusty - Dark Brows

Eyebrows frame your eyes and a set of dark well-groomed eyebrows can help perfect your look. Feel free to use your favourite product, be it a pencil, gel or eye shadow. Just make sure that your brows are groomed and shaped to clean up your look, accentuate your eyes and slim down your face all at the same time. If you ever over-plucked those babies, check out how you can regrow them fast!

4. Cat Eyeliner

Miss Rusty - Cat Eye

Switch up your looks with just an eyeliner! It’s fun to get your creative juices flowing by playing around with different cat eye looks. It’s also much easier to use gel or liquid eyeliners and it’s definitely one of my favourite looks to do. Play it up with the addition of fake lashes or play it down by going all neutral.

5. Red Lips

Miss Rusty - Red Lips

Classic red lips emit elegance and never go out of style. Regardless of your skin tone, red lips are always flattering on everyone. Play down your eyes by going neutral and pair it with a hot red lip to be the talk of the night! To prevent feathering of the lipstick, use a lip liner and clean up the edges with a concealer. Be sure to have your red lippie with you for any required touchups!

6. Fake Eyelashes

Miss Rusty - Fake Lashes

If you are born with straight stubborn eyelashes like me, don’t worry, because there isn’t anything some fake eyelashes can’t fix! Lashes are extremely important, as they open up the eyes, making them look bigger and more alluring. Complete your look with some top and bottom eyelashes and experience the huge difference it makes!

So there you have it, six timeless looks to play around with. Let me know what you think of them or better, suggest more looks!

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