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Who am I kidding? Ditching wearing makeup forever may be a little too much for us ladies. But putting aside these cosmetics babies would actually do our skin and us some good. I refrain from wearing any makeup when I’m having a day in or if there’s no real reason for me to put my makeup on. After much thought, I came to the realization that perhaps there are a few reasons as to why sporting the bare face is a good thing after all.

1. Time Saver


How much time do you spend sitting down at your vanity table and dolling yourself up? 15 minutes? 20? Now think about what you could do with the extra time you had if you decided to skip the beauty regime today. Perhaps you would appreciate getting a few extra minutes of snooze time that could maybe help make a difference to your whole day!

2. Skin Break

When one is tired, a rest is always the answer. And that applies to your physical body as well. Specifically to your face, your skin will surely thank you for the extra breathing time. Not forgetting that without all the piles of products we usually layer on, we will decrease the chances of pores being clogged which in turn would save us from the torment of breakouts later.


That being said, sunscreen is still important and should be used without fail everyday! My favourite is still Biore’s UV Aqua Watery Essence Sunscreen.

3. Saving Money


Unless you are a makeup hoarder like me, you probably only bought a few key cosmetics items that will help you achieve that look you want. Freeing up your skin also means prolonging the life of your favourite products. Spend that money on something else you would rather enjoy!

4. Sensitive Skin

Miss Rusty Bare Face

It’s common to have sensitive skin and I understand that it’s no easy feat taking care of such skin types. Perhaps it’s not a choice anymore to you if you have sensitive skin, but it is essential to avoid inflammation and chemical reactions. By using less makeup, chances are you’ll decrease these unwanted reactions as cosmetics are in reality, a combination of chemical ingredients.


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