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Greetings gorgeous people! I’m not sure if Easter is one of the holidays that you normally celebrate, but why turn down an occasion to doll up? When someone mentions Easter, I immediately think of bunnies and eggs. Thus, the colour theme would be bright pastels this time.

With that, I have derived 3 different looks of various colour combinations based on the same bright pastels theme. Additionally, I have designed each look to suit a certain style just for fun! I hope you girls enjoy and hopefully recreate them as well. 🙂




Here’s a look that doesn’t require a lot of blending skills. Basically, just use a shimmery grey and blue, mix them together and apply all over the lids. However, pack more at the outer corners of the eyes to darken the area to portray a deeper set eyes. What I like about this look is that it has the perfect balance of playfulness yet still look put together so even though I categorised this eye look to be Casual, it can definitely still be worn on other occasions as well!



EYES: A shimmery blue-grey all over the lids.
CHEEKS: A matte bronzer and/or a neutral Mauve blush.
LIPS: A Classic Nude Pink.


Products Used: The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in Medium Matte, Essence Cosmetics Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty, ZA Cosmetics Eyes Groovy Quad in Aqua Squash, Bebe Poshe Dazzling Eye Pencil in Black, Catrice Cosmetics Infinite Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Up Your Life, Essence Cosmetics Lash Princess Volume Mascara




Needless to say, this is my favourite one out of the bunch! I mean, who can ever dislike Rainbows? I was inspired by the various bright pastel eggs and thought I could portray that on the eyes. With yellow in the inner corners, I applied hot pink above the crease and blended it with blue on the crease. On the lower lash line, I applied green in the middle and used blue to blend out towards the outer corners. It definitely sports a playful feel and is just perfect for this season!



EYES: Gold/Yellow on the inner corners, Hot Pink above the crease, Blue in the crease, Green on the inner lower lash line and Blue on the outer lower lash line.
CHEEKS: A baby pink blush.
LIPS: A pale Nude.


Products Used: The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in Medium Matte, BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow in BHWS20 (Hot Pink), BHCM14 (Green), ZA Cosmetics Eyes Groovy Quad in Aqua Squash, Etude House Princess Happy Ending Rose Cheek Blusher in Belle, CLIO Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner, Estee Lauder Mascara in Black, MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Lipglass in Patience, Please.




And if you are working and is in need of a work appropriate Easter makeup, I got you girl! The look is super easy as well, so you don’t have to spend loads of time trying to blend out colours. Putting colours aside, I’m even removing the eyeliner and just relying on a great volume mascara! The trick here is to make your lashes long, voluminous and curled so your eyes appear wide and fresh!




EYES: A frosty Pink all over.
CHEEKS: A shimmery pink.
LIPS: A Watermelon pink.


Products Used: The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in Medium Matte, Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee Blush in Tease, Etude House Fairy Glitter Shadow, Make Up Store Lipgloss in Peony.

TADAH! All 3 looks of different combinations and for different settings. I hope you girls enjoyed all of them. I certainly had great fun trying them out.

For more egg-citing makeup features, follow us on Instagram @Honeyzcube. Also, if you’ve tried any of my looks, share with me by tagging #honeyzcube!

Have a great week!



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