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Hello ladies! Are you ready for the upcoming holidays yet? With Chinese New Year slowly creeping up on us, it’s perfectly reasonable for us girls to freak out during this time. I’m sure you’ve had those moments of panic – ‘I need at least 3 sets of new clothes! I need to book appointments to get my nails done! My brows done! My hair done! ARH!!!’

Woah!~ Now slow down for a minute. Take a deep breath. Maybe two. *Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.*  You still have more than enough time!

In any case, I thought I’ll help make your preparations for the Lunar New Year a much relaxed one suggesting these 3 looks. You could either use these looks to transform yourself or tweak them to suit your own style! Enjoy, you beautiful ladies!



Nothing beats the classic and we’re going all out for the daring Red-Gold combination. Even if your outfit is a fun multi-colored dress or a traditional Cheongsam with a slight modern take, they will still complement this makeup look. Now rock those Reds with those Golds!




EYES: Sparkly Gold all over the lids with a matte Mauve at the outer corners.
CHEEKS: A matte bronzer or a neutral blush.
LIPS: A Classic Red.


Products Used: Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No.7 in 212 The Dreamer, Catrice Cosmetics Absolute Eye Colour in 100 F’rosen Yoghurt, The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in Medium Matte, Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Old Hollywood



Now, you’re probably already a pro at applying eyeshadow since you have been working your blending skills daily. So why not just continue with that but adding a pop of color? Gold eyeliner is not easy to pull off as a daily accessory to the eyes, but could be appropriate on Chinese New Year. Also, adding that line of Gold could really draw attention to those amazing eyes of yours!



EYES: A neutral day smokey eye look with Gold eyeliner.
CHEEKS: A baby pink blush.
LIPS: A tinted, slight-gradient red.


Products Used: L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro in Smoky Brown, Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Eldorado, Clio Gelpresso Glow Tint, Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink



If sans makeup is what you wear everyday and you just want to be extra pretty during the holidays, this would be perfect for you! Now, don’t be afraid of colours. Chinese New Year is the best time to inject some reasonable amount of color into your look. The brighter the colors, the better it is! That’s what the Chinese culture believes in!



EYES: A sheer wash of a matte skin-tone eyeshadow with Gold undereye liner.
CHEEKS: A coral blush.
LIPS: A bright Orange.


Products Used: Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No.7 in 212 The Dreamer, Catrice Cosmetics Defining Blush in Mandy-rine, Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Eldorado, Clio Kill Black Waterprood Brush Liner, Catrice Cosmetics Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation in Rosy Beige, Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Shine Gel Colour in Orangina

And there we go, all 3 looks to get you ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year. And with that, we wish you a prosperous Goat year! <3

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Have a great week!



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