3 Easter Makeup Looks!

Greetings gorgeous people! I’m not sure if Easter is one of the holidays that you normally celebrate, but why turn down an occasion to doll up? When someone mentions¬†Easter, I immediately think of bunnies and eggs. Thus, the colour theme would be bright pastels this time. With that, I have derived 3 different looks of … Continue Reading

3 Chinese New Year Makeup Looks!

Hello ladies! Are you ready for the upcoming holidays yet? With Chinese New Year slowly creeping up on us, it’s perfectly reasonable for us girls to freak out during this time. I’m sure you’ve had those moments of panic – ‘I need at least 3 sets of new clothes! I need to book appointments to … Continue Reading

7 Ways to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Deep set eyes, monolids or phoenix eyes; no matter what kind of peepers you have, you probably still want to achieve bigger eyes. Other than going under the knife, which I’m sure is probably not a consideration for many of you, your favourite makeup could just do the trick! So here are a few tips … Continue Reading

6 All-Time Classic Makeup Looks

Makeup either makes or breaks a look. Just like fashion, there are many trends to look out for which come as quickly as they go. However, there are also some classic looks that are here to stay for good. Especially if you’re expecting lots of photos to be taken, I would highly recommend these 6 … Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Ditch Your Makeup

Who am I kidding? Ditching wearing makeup forever may be a little too much for us ladies. But putting aside these cosmetics babies would actually do our skin and us some good. I refrain from wearing any makeup when I’m having a day in or if there’s no real reason for me to put my … Continue Reading

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