Essential Skincare Tips for Travellers

Dermagold first started as a hobby slightly more than 10 years ago by a pair of childhood friends, Grace Ling and Lim Lu Ping. Being women, they constantly try to find products in the market that were simple, effective and yet lovely to the senses to improve their skin. However, they couldn’t find any. Most … Continue Reading


Sponsored Review Challenge the limits of your natural beauty and physical potential. I want a V face! I want to relax my aching muscles after my intensive workout! I want to improve my skin texture and tone my face line! We are always trying ways and means to improve our beauty and health. The above … Continue Reading

Two VDay Looks With One Makeup Product!

Valentine’s Day has arrived and once again, it’s the season of love. When you think of Valentine’s Day, the colour palette is always pink, brown, pastels and soft colours. This time, I’m sticking to the classic. Wearing a neutral eye look, I’m thinking ahead and making use of a tip to subtly change up the … Continue Reading

For Beloved One Review

For Beloved One – A well-known cosmeceutical skincare brand originated from Taiwan, that firmly believes and lives up to their motto “FOR BELOVED ONE cherishes every woman in the world.”. Cooperated with other well-known pharmaceutical companies to create safe and effective skincare ranges that cater to the diverse desires and needs of consumers, For Beloved … Continue Reading

Halloween: Melted Face Tutorial

Halloween is coming up very soon. If you want a look that’s fast, affordable and easy to put together, then this will be the perfect Halloween post for you! Madeulook Lex is one of the most talented makeup guru within the online world and I’m in love with her works. Upon chancing on one of her … Continue Reading

Autumn Inspired Look

Autumn/fall is nearing. So say hello to the comfy sweaters and the endless cups of delicious hot cocoa for the awesome cooler weather. Well, makeup wise, that means berry-toned lipsticks and dark auburn eyeshadows. It’s supposed to be a colder season and shades are usually inspired by the falling autumn leaves. However, I’m a rebel. Living in … Continue Reading

Getting ready for SG50!

It’s August and we’ve reached the month of our country’s birthday! This year, the island will be celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee and the party is expected to be real grand. So of course, adhering to this year’s theme, I have to try incorporating both our national colours (Red and White, mainly Red) and Gold within … Continue Reading

Vacation Looks with 8 Products!

Tired of your fast-paced lifestyle where being busy is an accepted norm? How about taking a break from your hectic lives and try to relax in a new environment for just a couple of days? Vacations are always a welcome break and staycations are slowly on the rise. But these supposedly relaxing times are sometimes rather stressful … Continue Reading

My All Time Favourite Makeup!

As a beauty junkie, I have absolutely no control in trying to keep my makeup collection as concise as possible. However, it’s also because of that, that I have tried many different products. And today, I’ve picked a few of my all time favourite makeup products so you don’t have to spend as much money, … Continue Reading

3 Summer Makeup Looks!

How are you doing, my pretty ladies? Summer is fast approaching and I thought I’d share some of my summer looks with you. In fact, these are pretty versatile and you don’t necessarily have to wait for summer to arrive in order to rock these styles. Aren’t you just excited to whip out your bikini … Continue Reading

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