Pantene Challenges Gender Bias in the Workplace

You’re independent, confident and thriving with ambition yet do you sometimes feel that your choices and career path could be limited by your gender? Sounds pretty absurd but trust me, the problem is still very much prevalent in our modern society. You’ll be surprised that working conditions may be compromised or worst, dreams are crushed … Continue Reading

Get A ‘Facelift’ With This Non-Invasive Treatment By LJH!

I’ve been Google-stalking many hot Korean celebs, not for their dazzling makeup or eclectic fashion styles but for their perfect v-shaped jawlines. I’m so envious. Those small sharp chins just look so good on camera and off! Don’t you agree??! I’ve a pretty angular face shape so it usually takes lots of contouring and highlighting to … Continue Reading

Makeup Tutorial: The Halloween Belles

  Brace yourself my dear sugar cubes, this October, the Halloween belles are headed for spooksville. Muhahaha! In our very first Halloween makeup tutorial, we give you two incredibly eerie looks inspired by famous TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’. Now click for some boo-tiful makeup looks!   The Walking Dead by Rusty … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Shiseido Ma Cherie End Cure Milk

Rusty and I were invited to Cherie Fantasy by Ma Cherie and we were totally captivated by the enchanting and whimsical theme of the party that was reminiscent of the Baroque era. Le moulin rouge inspired product packaging, customized tarot cards and ‘Mystery Magic Machine’ certainly boosted the magical factor further. We couldn’t wait to try the products! … Continue Reading

A Polymath has to be perfect from head to NAILS!

  That’s right! As mentioned in our introductory post, a Honeyz Cube Polymath is a girl that constantly strives to become an all-rounded fashion and beauty goddess in her own right. So how can she forget a set of well-groomed and polished nails? In fact, your choice of nail style is the perfect representation of your … Continue Reading

Good morning Sugar Cubes! Nice to meet you!

We’ve given you the platform to share and receive beauty insights and now we’re uniting ladies with a penchant for beauty and all things fabulous to give you The Honeyz Cube Blog. Our writers, also known as Honeyz Cube’s Belles, are here to help you develop a sharp eye for the latest trends. With their … Continue Reading

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