Southeast Asia Largest: Baby World Fair 2018

Baby World Fair 2018: SEA Largest Baby Fair at Expo No, I’m not expecting (YET) but there are more and more friends around me who have become mums! Congrats! As the reader’s age demographic grow together with me, I thought this might be more relevant than ever. Here’s a quick shoutout for any expecting mums … Continue Reading

Dore Clinic and Dore Aesthetics Reviews: Subcision

Dore Clinic and Dore Aesthetics Reviews: Subcision Located conveniently near Tanjong Pagar MRT at the Singapore Business Federation aka SBF Center (Behind Capital Tower), the ‘transformation centre’ is 3 large commercial space combined, with sister establishments – Dore Medical Clinic and Dore Aesthetics – just next to one another. Dore provides skin, body and face … Continue Reading

Essential Skincare Tips for Travellers

Dermagold first started as a hobby slightly more than 10 years ago by a pair of childhood friends, Grace Ling and Lim Lu Ping. Being women, they constantly try to find products in the market that were simple, effective and yet lovely to the senses to improve their skin. However, they couldn’t find any. Most … Continue Reading

Review: BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence Drink

BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence Drink: Unlike Normal Collagen BRAND’S® is a brand most of us grew up with, and the Chicken Essence is a must-drink during my Exam periods. I first saw BRAND’S® InnerShine® when I watched Ladies First Taiwan many years ago, and there was the BRAND’S® InnerShine® BerryEssence endorsed by Xiao S (Dee … Continue Reading

Christmas Special: EstheClinic new Smooth & Glow IPL Body Perfection Treatment

Getting Smooth & Glow with EstheClinic’s new IPL Treatment Woohoo, it’s December and that means Christmas is gonna be here soon! And 2017’s Lunar New Year is up right next in January 2017. I bet the next two months are packed with shopping, parties and holidays for most of us, so here’s a fuss-free treatment you … Continue Reading

Purist’s First Sephora Makeup Haul Experience ft. Reyna Hearts Makeup Artistry

Friends and readers who have been following my articles long enough will know that I’m almost the opposite of Miss Rusty, our Artist who loves to try different forms of makeup on her face. Me, on the other hand, prefers a clean face as my skin is too sensitive and breaks out easily. Thank goodness … Continue Reading

Atache Treatment at Wayan Retreat Wellness Spa

Hi Honeyz, it’s been some time since I’ve written beauty reviews, and here’s a short experential review I’ve had at Wayan Retreat Wellness Spa. I was invited to experience a media trial for Atache scientific cosmetic treatment, a European brand founded in 1983 (older than me!). Wayan Retreat Wellness Spa Can I say, stepping into Wayan … Continue Reading

Getting Clean And Clear Skin With The Face Inc

After using Face Inc’s cleansing gel and a series of their blemish & acne products, I could totally feel my skin clearing up, leaving behind an almost pimple-free complexion. Yawza! You can see the pretty remarkable results I enjoyed after just a few months of use. My skin is less oily now and you can barely see … Continue Reading

Fashion: Top Trends This Summer

We all know that when it comes to summer we need to get a new wardrobe and be bigger, bolder and brighter than the last. I know I do! And what better way to have my daily fix on what’s hot this year by browsing my fave online fashion sites and having a scoop in the fashion … Continue Reading

SkinPerfect Review: Pure Pulse Light (PPL) Treatment

I was invited by and SkinPerfect to try out their treatments. When asked what treatment, I was told that the specialists will only be able to advise after checking out my skin and recommend a facial to target my problems. That’s one tick of my “Good Clinic” checklist because I’ve experienced clinics who sells only … Continue Reading